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4LIFE - Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto
4LIFE - Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto

4LIFE - Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto

The children's anti-abandonment system is composed by one or more sensors, one electronic device and can include one or more additional modules able of activating an audible alarm outside the passenger compartment, and/or to send one or more SMS messages to one or more mobile numbers. The system is also characterized by the presence of at least one electronic control unit that can be placed in the baby's seat or in any other position within the vehicle.

4LIFE - Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto

ITIS "M.Giua"- Cagliari Gruppo Hi-Lab Studenti: Matteo Monni e Emma Bordigoni. Referente: prof. Antonello Zizi

Our work-group:

Our work-group is composed of two students: Emma Bordigoni and Matteo Monni. Both attend the I.T.I.S.

Michele Giua institute in Cagliari and are information technology students, respectively attending the

fourth and fifth year. They have been attending to an advanced information technology laboratory called

Hi-Lab, thought by out IT teacher Antonello Zizi. During these laboratory hours we are sensitized towards

research, aiming particularly to inventions which have a strong social impact.

Emma decided to study IT and to attend the research group because she is fascinated by everything that

revolves around technology. Day after day, she becomes fonder of her studies and she’s making up her

mind about what she is going to do in the future. She loves watching a good film, going out with her friends

and she enjoys sports. In fact, she used to play basketball and gymnastics. She loves every kind of music.

She loves our island and its sea but also she’s very keen on travelling to know new cultures and people.

She’s very ambitious, curious and tries to give her best in each and every situation.

Matteo was born and raised with a computer in his hands. Since he was a child he was extremely fascinated

by computers and this has brought him to jump inside the Information Technology world. His aspiration in

life is to become an IT engineer and work in many information technology branches. He’s been attending

Hi-Lab research group since three years.

Besides IT, he loves listening and writing music and enjoys reading and sports. He plays the guitar, the bass-

guitar and he is willing to learn how to sing properly. Recently, he decided to follow a vegetarian diet.

He’s very determined and sedulous and he thinks that nobody should ever stop learning.

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