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Copper Face

Copperface is a galvanic cell, easy to use to coat the 3D printed objects surfaces with metal, This for aesthetic or functional needs. The metallisation process is very simple thanks to a product designed to be handy and intuitive. Copperface can work with copper, nickel, gold, etc. But plastics are not conductive. Then you must first apply on them a substrate using an appropriate spray (e.g. graphite) deposited uniformly to make them conductive. Then it’s plunges into an acid solution with metallic salts and a power supply, the current allows the deposition of metal on the surface of the model.

Copper Face

Prototype-Factory, Robotfactory

Prototype Factory is a Prototyping service located in Turin that takes advantage of 3D printers, laser cutting and other traditional techniques in constant cooperation with other activities, both of from Turin and all over Italy.

  F4 - Copper Face

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