Exhibitors 2015

U.F.O.S. - Ukuleles From Outer Space

U.F.O.S. is the acronym for “Ukuleles From Outer Space”, the project I will be presenting.
I am a luthier graduated from the “Civica Scuola di Liuteria Di Milano” and I usually build totally handmade instruments, made with traditional materials and techniques.
U.F.O.S. is something completely different: it's an electric ukulele built with modern technologies such as resin casting in silicone molds, laser cut, CNC routing and Arduino for the lighting effects.

U.F.O.S. - Ukuleles From Outer Space

Marco Todeschini

My name is Marco Todeschini and I am a luthier specialized in the ukulele building.
I studied at Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano, one of the two main lutherie schools in Italy. 
The school has always had a very classic imprint and this let me understand all the charm and culture behind the making of an instrument.
In these years I approached the makers' world too, I got fascinated by new technologies such as laser cut and 3Dprint, so I tryied to conciliate these two passions and U.F.O.S. was born.

  V8 - U.F.O.S. - Ukuleles From Outer Space

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