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ANYmals Money Bank
ANYmals Money Bank

ANYmals Money Bank

I make cardboard moneybanks in the shape of animals: simple and timeless objects, in eco-friendly but resistant material. I start from 3d modelling, then I decompose the object into layer and put all the shapes into a 2d drawing file wich I send to the lasercut printer. Then I paste them one by one and I paint the final product with spray color. The result is a handmade product made with a mixture of manual skills, technology and design knowledge. I would like to continue developing the project by adding other animals with other functions.

ANYmals Money Bank

Luigi Bertone

Born in Sicily in 1974, after graduating, he moved to Rome at 19 years hold and here he graduated in Architecture. Following his passions he dedicated himself to photography and many others manual works and, already during the years of university, he engages in producing lamps and others design objects. Until 2013 he works in a modeling for architecture office, approaching to new technologies and to resin processing. In 2014 starts gaBotte, a workshop/office space where you experience the possible applications of lasercut printer both in architecture and in modeling and design.
Father of two children, lives in Rome with his family, and he devoted himself to his work with the spirit of those who are always discovering something new.

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