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Colorize is an interactive installation that allows to learn (by playing) how Arduino, conductive paint, capacitive sensor and RGB led strip work: all the electronics components and wiring are exposed and described.
Visitors are invited to interact with the installation using 3 "antennas" (made with conductive paint) that act as proximity sensors: moving their hands on these, it's possible to change the Red, Green and Red components on the lamp. CC BY-SA


Gloria Spagnolo, Emma Piccin, Tiziano Maffione

Gloria is the co-founder of Xuni, a little software house located in Veneto (Italy), where manages the organization of events and educational activities. She's the creator/curator of the edutainment format Make&Play.
She is also one of the Fabber of the FabLab Castelfranco Veneto (Italy).

Emma was born in Bologna (Italy) on 2002. She finished the 2st year of Scuola Media in Biadene, Treviso. She plays piano and guitar, and she is a great tester for all the interactive / electronic stuffs!

  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group
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