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ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.
ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.

ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.

Arwald is an autonomous video system on cable developed for a GoPro usage.
The System has been developed to record time-lapse videos. Furthermore it can be used for any type of photo or video.

It features two handling systems, the first longitudinal second gimbal or gimbal system. The longitudinal movement is entrusted to a stepper motor capable of moving along a cable, on which is hung the whole structure. The second movement, formed by two brushless motors mounted orthogonally on a gyroscopic structure, it has the function of slewing to room shooting on two axles and stabilize it. The stabilization is able to eliminate all types of external and internal disturbance. The internal disturbe may be introduced by the longitudinal movement on the cable, external disturbances may be caused for example by wind. The stabilization is necessary to minimize the post processing and at the same time to shoot sharper photos.
To control the longitudinal displacement of the gimbal we decided to use all open source electronics. The choice fell on Italian ARDUINO platform. The power supply of the entire system is entrusted to a portable battery capable of powering the whole system and the photo camera for about six hours. The software that runs inside the microcontroller ARDUINO can move Arwald along the distance in time that was programmed. At the same time it is a capable of handling the two axes of the gimbal independently for the degrees desired and in the required time. The programming of all movements is wireless via Bluetooth interface with a Pc. Is possible to program up to three distinct segments with speed corners and different distances between them.

ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.

Reon Studio / Claudio Bianchi

Reon Studio exceeds the boundaries of digital art and photography with the aim of developing exclusive products and emotional acts.

The ongoing research in cultural competence, digital art, photographic skills and marketing and communication of the firm are made available by a group creative and constructive very dynamic, always aimed at finding innovations linear with a strong touch of uniqueness that respond strongly to criteria of technological innovation, usability and emotional value.

From the beginnings of the digital technologies we apply these individually filtered through cultural, artistic taste artisan products. For some years we have combined our individual capacity in a group experience to develop unique products.

Life is now permeated by the digital world and evolves with it.
Each device is a window that gives us the world and introduces us to it.
Reon Studio from 2011 actively participates in this development by providing positive and unique products.

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