Exhibitors 2015


From the initial discover when we realized that raw wool is hydrorepellent but very effective in oil recovery, we have developed a two year project with the target to construct a simulator able to proof the fesability and allowing us to face all mayor problem connected in all phases of the cycle.
The project is now completed so we have constructed a prototype demonstrative in scale that perform a true proof of the effectiveness of the oil recovery from water in all of the phase of its cycle:
- opening of the raw material (wool packs) and their separation;
- distribution of wool cleared over a bounded sea surface;
-Collecting the wool with oil from the back of the boat;
- squising of wool soaked extracting the majority of contained oil;
- transport of squeezed wool to the frontal part to be re opened and reuse in a successive cycle.
In plus while running the prototype we have got the opportunity to record all datas concerning the % of effectivness and the total absoption capacity of wool fibres.



Luciano Donatelli; Mauro Rossetti; Mario Ploner

Luciano Donatelli: is the Inventor, famous Biellese industrial manager, Past president of Unione Industriale Biellese. Is the one who realized that the wool has the important feature of oil absorption.
Mauro Rossetti- Director of Tessile e salute in Biella, chemical technician who made the first trial of absorption.
Mario Ploner: Textile machinery constructor, is the one who planned the way to transform the idea in a product.


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