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Herby Robot

Herby cuts the grass autonomously and automatically. It requires no help or assistance; it operates according to programmed work intervals, alternating cutting cycles with recharging. Herby always knows what to do: it can mow the entire lawn without missing any area; if it encounters an obstacle, it recognises and scans it; if it comes across thicker and higher grass, it activates specific functions to cut it. The robot avoids passing through areas that have already been mowed and when the battery is low, it autonomously looks for the charging station and prepares itself to perform another work cycle.

Herby Robot

Marco Fabbri e Nicola Bellon

Marco Fabbri is fond of electronics in middle school, an electric motor made with a cork, a propeller of cardboard and tape, a piece of polystyrene and a flat Superpila 4.5V are his first "robot", the 'odometry is not the best but in the bathtub is not needed. He studied and later worked in the electro-selling for years by high-voltage substations of the MV / LV distribution boards up in BT. Internet awakens love for electronics and robotics, news groups, forums, and mailing lists are the fuel of passion.It is among administrators Roboitalia publishes some article in a magazine, also participates successfully in races minisumo. He is currently an active member in several groups of Italian robotics and is the technical manager of Herby, a robot lawn mower marketed in Italy and abroad.

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