Exhibitors 2015



Wave4U is an Italian project based on Know-How, experience and quality in manifacture of hybrid circuit , RF wireless modules and sensors, all on alumina.

Wave4u is a Telecontrolli’s project: Telecontrolli designs, develops and manufactures wireless systems and operating for more over 40 years in manufacturing of Sub1GHz modules.

Wave4U born to design, develop and manufacture Home Automation System with microcomputers and microcontrollers, and provides a full range of sub1GHZ radio Shields, Sensors and Actuators: all products have the highest quality leves of design and manufacture, made to last, born to be simple, clear and supported so that provide a smart time-to-play-the-game.
Wave4U is also an Internet & Intranet integrated software solution: the Web Server Control allows you to connect your local network to Internet, making it accessible from PC, notebook and smartphone anywhere in the world.

Wave4u provides Makers, Students and Hobbyists with a Domotics idea of Internet of Things, allowing everybody to design and prototype Products and Interactive Systems, making Electronics more accessible to everyone.

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