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Lino is a robot designed as a development platform to study outdoor navigation and built to participate to Magellan category challenges (autonomous navigation in outdoor environment).
Autonomous navigation means the ability to walk in an unknown environment avoiding obstacles and calculating its own position moment by moment without external reference (Dead Reckoning) also using GPS. For a better navigation on mixed terrain, it’s equipped with a central flanged bearing dampening system.
Because it’s impossible to use pure odometry due to the wheels slippering, to compute the position it uses both encoders odometry and bearing through a 9 DOF IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). It’s an example of a complex multiprocessors robot executing specialized procedures performed by different boards (seven) that communicate together via both serial and I2C buses. Lino uses different programming languages. C for the three dsPIC33F and for the two PIC18F MCUs, C++ for the Arduino Mega and Javascript for the Beaglebone Black board.


Guido Ottaviani

Guido (guido@guiott.com) built his first electric motor at the second year of the middle school and a crystal set at third. He has made electronics and ham radio his hobby since the “tube times”.
Short Wave Listener at first, then CB and eventually radio amateur when it needs to study telegraphy.
He turned the hobby into a job working as an analog and digital developer for several years for an Italian communication company.
Many years ago, a big change made him a technical manager at a company that develops and manages graphic, pre-press and press systems, and technologies for a large Italian editorial group that publishes sports newspapers and magazines. Some years ago, he got the scope and the soldering iron out of the drawer, re-using his knowledge to make autonomous robots. The experience accrued enabled him on publishing several articles related to robotics on national and international specialized magazine.
Currently, Guido is an active member in various Italian robotics groups who shares his experiences with other self-professed “electronics addicts” and evangelizes amateur robotics.

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