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Tina by CuddlyMade
Tina by CuddlyMade

Tina by CuddlyMade

Tina, is a fashionable penguin who likes cuddles.
We want to let you (re)discover your child part, thanks to the creativity and smile (when you see her, you'll understand :)
She was born like a doll, entirely handmade. Every Tina is completely personalized thanks to the color of hair and her tummy, 100% cotton of the various countries in which we have travelled. The ideal parents are people who love plush animals and who consider them part of the family.
We also have the acrylic laser cut version, Vesti-Tina. The aim is to develop children's creativity, doing sketchs on her tummy, the fantasia will have no borders except the sheet. There are free workshops to color her dresses with this purposes.
For this year we are finishing the prototype a Tina3D thanks the use of a printer. The aim is to have a customizable and unique product, as made special by people and colors. Also here, imagination and creativity play as uncontested ruler.
As well as beautiful, Tina is also good. From the "Cuddly Calendar 2012", every year we collect money for a good cause or we do awareness campaign on the territory.
Waiting to be discovered: CalienTina, our penguin who travels around the world.
You can't buy but only adopt. She travels from home to home thanks to an adoptions list, sharing their daily life.. Are you ready to adopt a Tina ?! :) Come and meet her in the Fair.
Tina, for the moment is unique, but we are trying to create a Zoo .. Recommend us your favorite animal on facebook/CuddlyMade or cuddlymade.com

Tina by CuddlyMade

La squadra CuddlyMade è formata da Graziella&Maurizio, e il piccolo aiutante a forma di elefante, Auhauh

Citizen of the world with my partner Maurizio and our baby elephant, Auhauh. Originally I have studied Interior Design, after, I have discovered a passion for making handmade plush animals.
When we travel, I really like taking pictures of eccentric things and animals that I encounter. After few years as product manager for CuddlyMade, now I'm working as UX Designer for Olab studio.

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