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Hardie Kids - Surface Mount Assembly made real easy!

It's about surface mount assembly on printed circuit boards. Using a simple flip flop PCB, a toaster oven and a reflow controller you assemble components and create a flashing badge. Along the way kids (and adults) get a feel for how components have shrunk in size, how electronics has developed, how industry reflows components and how the components all work together. It's safe, fun and has flashing lights. We find that kids from 6 or so enjoy it but also that older people who are afraid of SMD assembly lose their fear.

Hardie Kids - Surface Mount Assembly made real easy!

Siobhán ní Chofaigh

In an effort to balance the great work done by Coders to teach kids code I have a simple workshop to show kids the joys of Hardware design and build. I have run workshops with kids in Coderdojos, Makerfaire and in schools. The kit consists of a PCB and components. The kids prepare and assemble the boards and then we reflow them in a toaster oven. Simple, fun and if you paid attention lots of flashy lights. If the lights don't flash we trouble shoot to find the fault. It's fun, safe and a little bit crazy. Who knows maybe one of these kids will design something that keeps me comfortable in my old age. It's all about karma!

  U29 - Hardie Kids - Surface Mount Assembly made real easy!

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