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What Tinys.it

What Tinys.it

What Tinys.it is an open source Touch 3D printed LED watch with Atmega328P microcontroller programmed with Arduino.
32 LEDs in circle shows the time. The solid LED indicates the hours, while the blinking LED indicates the minutes.
The microcontroller has 32 pin, they aren't all I/O: only 25 pins can be used for the 32 LEDs and the touch sensor. To drive a larger number of LEDs with few pins i've used the Charlieplexing Matrix, in this way i can drive 6 LEDs with only 3 Pins.
The time is showed by touching the upper part of the watch.

For perfect timing i've used a 32.768 KHz Crystal connected to Xtal pins of Atmega328p running in asynchronous mode. In this way i can use internal 8Mhz oscillator as main clock of the microcontroller and the overflow of timer2 (used for the external crystal) as interrupt for increase the seconds.

What Tinys.it

Alessandro Matera

I'm electronic developer member of Fablab Catania. I love Electronics and i think that, with electronic and a little effort, you can make anything you want!
I'm a member of Dr-Jack team (www.dr-jack.it)
I live in Sortino, a little city near Siracuse

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