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Era3DPrinter is Ewe Industries' brand new FFF delta printer, ready to use with no need to assemble anything. Era is suitable for newbie as well as for experienced and professional users, it's highly customizable and you can add a second nozzle, or a 3D scanner, it's ready to host these devices with no efforts by the user. The design adopted is clearly "italian", we know how to design our product in order to make the user say WOW! This amazing 3D printer is fully designed, produced and assembled in Italy.


Ewe Industries

"To realize a dream, you need to have a dream to be realized." And just from the dream of two young designers Romans, born Ewe Industries. Francesco Cavallo and Davide Costa have behind them a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Rome "La Sapienza". The approach to the new technologies was the natural consequence to their studies. After an important training experience in the field of naval design, shared by both Francesco and Davide decide to dedicate themselves to the study and development of products aimed at the makers and the world of 3D printing in general.

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