Exhibitors 2015

Un tavolo di luci con cui giocare

It’s a large interactive board, with a translucent surface, composed of 8x12 LED coloured squares. Each square has an RGB light source that creates a variety of colours, so that you can play games like Snake and Tetris, or perform amazing light shows. You can control it by your smartphone, using simple apps, or create more complex animations by your PC. HW control and wireless communication are performed by an Arduino UNO board, complex light sequences can be stored on a SD card.

Un tavolo di luci con cui giocare

Luca Maccioni - Classe 5^ Elettronica e Robotica - IIS Sarrocchi - Siena

Luca Maccioni attends the last year of high school at IIS Sarrocchi in Siena (Italy), specializing in Electronics and Robotics, and prepares for the final exam with this thesis on a microcontrolled luminous table. He developed his idea taking great care of the technical but also aesthetical expects of the project expending many hours of homework.

  C6 - Un tavolo di luci con cui giocare

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