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RecycleBot is a household appliance designed to help users in the act of dividing the waste according to the material they are made of, or in making the collection.
It is built to be fully integrated into the housings standard kitchen furniture. In this way, once installed, it is not visible except for the hole on the work surface necessary to the insertion of waste. Such a manhole is closed by a lid that is opened as a result of the pressure of one of the keys or following the scanning of a barcode. Before you open the lid the inner dial is positioned so that the waste flow into the trash properly.
RecycleBot is connected to the Internet so it can access a database containing the association between barcodes and materials.
In the case where such association is not present the same user can perform it. In fact, when, following a scan, RecycleBot not recognize the barcode displayed an invitation addressed to you press the button corresponding to the material that is throwing away. In this way records an association between the new bar code and the material and from that moment any RecycleBot connected to the Internet will be able to tap into the association just made.
The disposal of waste with the use codes allows to obtain a series of additional benefits such as:
- Generate the list daily / weekly shopping.
- Allow companies that deal with the collection of waste in real time production, in quantitative and qualitative waste. Such information can be used to optimize the collection service to avoid sending the trucks of collection in areas where the production of waste is low, instead focusing the collection in areas where the production of waste is very high.
- The same collection companies can manipulate the shared database of the association in order to regulate the behavior of remote RecycleBot. For example you can set a common plastic and metal that go in the same container, while in another town, you can set these materials in different containers.
- The registration of waste can be used for the purposes of taxation on the collection

In a development next RecycleBot can be equipped with:

- A "compactor" which is a device dedicated to reducing the volume of waste placed by crushing and / or grinding
- Special sensors that detect the material to be disposed through fast analysis of the material itself, to be installed as an alternative to the reader of bar codes

RecycleBot can be built in different shapes and sizes, compatible with the use charge, and used in public places such as squares, museums, railway stations or any other place where it is needed.



Damiano FRANCO

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