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DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)

DEDALOS is a GNSS innovative system for static geo-physical and static monitoring; it is single frequency and low-cost.
DEDALOS is useful for landslide monitoring, public buildings stability, volcanic activities and earthquake prevention. The accuracy is under 1 mm and it is capable of transmitting data in real-time through mobile networks.
DEDALOS’ strength is high accuracy at a very low price, energetic self-sufficiency (sola panel) and system sturdiness.
DEDALOS want to make this monitoring common, in order to make our land safer.

DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)


SpaceEXE is an innovative start-up founded in 2013, whose core-business is creating high precision wearable GNSS device for sport applications, performance tracking and tactical analysis in real time.
Our company has adhered and won the ESA-BIC incubation program and located at BIC Lazio in Rome.
CTO: MIRKO ANTONINI is a GNSS and satellite communication expert, members of many international scientific society.
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: CORRADO CERVELLATI is a young motivated international relations graduate with international experience and expertise in FDI and SEZ
SYSTEM ENGINEERING: GIANLUCA ATZENI is specialized in hardware development with a deep experience in R&D activities in the CNR (Research National Center).
TESTING AND SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: ALESSANDRO MARIOTTI is our «Boot on the Ground» he conduct tests and reports
FIRMWARE DEVELOPMENT: Giovanni Savarese is a skilled researcher specialized inn the programming and the analysis of GNSS signals.

  I6 - DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)

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