Exhibitors 2015


The design derives from the skateboard production process study and the discovery of a large amount of wasted material that can be reused. Skarto consists of a single wooden board from which customers can make the desk of the skateboard itself and a frameon which it can be exposed. Skarto is a cruiser board from the 70s to surf the city. The skater can choose the configuration that bestsuits his needs and his tastes on an online platform - choosing the shape, size, graphics, etc - creating a personal Skarto and contact one of the FabLab partners that will produce it.


Elena Cardinali

Elena Cardinali is graduating in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Through
academic and personal learning experiences, she is exploring and experimenting various forms of digital craftsmanship.

  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

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