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Prototipazione rapida di un segmento dell'acquedotto Claudio

I presented this model crowning my Architecture thesis project. It is an accurate 1/150 scale reproduction of a portion of the Claudian Aqueduct in the Aqueducts Park in Rome.
For its creation I first executed an aerophotogrammetric survey of the aqueduct using a quadcopter (DJI Phantom Vision 2+) equiped with a Gopro Hero4 camera and a Zenmuse gimbal for images stabilization.
Using image-based modeling softwares I generated a digital model. Once scaled and guaranteed its accuracy, I proceded to 3D printing phase, using a Makerbot Replicator printer in La Sapienza CESMA lab. The model was realized using a red PLA filament while the printer spigot diameter was set to 0,2 mm. The whole Printing process took 22 hours and 51 minutes.
Here’s an explanatory video:


Prototipazione rapida di un segmento dell'acquedotto Claudio

Alberto Manzo, Graziano Mario Valenti (Relatore)

Degree in Architecture with a thesis entitled "Experimental applications of multirotori, IBM and rapid prototyping, aimed at relief: The case of the Claudian aqueduct", published on the website of Cesma http://dev.arc.uniroma1.it/pubblicazioni / oa-2015-am-9ab7e0 (model is currently on display in the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University of Rome). Realizing it I was able to combine and express my passions including remote controls (drones on all), three-dimensional graphics and 3D printing.

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