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Digital Fashion
Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion is a fashion design project that teaches you how to design, modify and adapt decorative patterns to different clothing designs. DF integrates creative ability, technical knowledge and digital competence. Our method is based on basic and geometric design.
Our project was born from the design and manipulation of different materials and patterns with lasercut techniques. The project is also associated to patternmaking experimentation.
Claudia and Sara compared models, textures and patterns to be applied to different clothing patterns. At Rome MakerFaire2015 the designers will show some samples of sweatshirts made ​​through digital design and digital manufacturing. Digital Fashion’s interest is to train designers and makers in the textile field. It will offer basic and professional training classes to learn how to make garments, customize them with lasercut on fabrics, leather etc ..

Digital Fashion

Sara Savian and Claudia Scarpa @ Wemake

Sara Savian studied fashion design at Politecnico of Milan’s University and at Universität für Angewandte Kunst (University of Applied Arts) in Vienna, where she implemented her knowledge giving it an aim: autoproduction, social and ethical fashion. She works freelance since 2012 and has had two long term collaborations: one with the wedding dresses atelier Maison Matthan Gori and one with Social Cooperative Alice, where she teaches the art of sewing to deteinees in Milan. With Coop Alice she expresses herself as a designer in freety’s project and works as fashion designer assistant for Sartoria Sanvittore label. Since 2 years she teaches in the “Creative Autoproduction Workshop” for “Quelli del Villaggio” Association. At Wemake she’s finally a maker: you can find her every Thursday and Saturday. She’s the teacher of Tailoring DIY workshop, provides advice and works with lasercut and 3D printer.
Claudia Scarpa studied graphic design and improves her abilities in AG Fronzoni school-workshop, designer minimalist designer and educator. As part of the collective Serpica Naro, she combines her Graphic design and digital ability to traditional craftsmanship, creating artifacts that are at the same time analog and digital. You find her in Wemake avery day around the lasercut and knitting machines. She teaches graphic design and lasercut design classes.

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