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Urban Tracker
Urban Tracker

Urban Tracker

A tiny portable device (4cm x 4cm) that allows to track geographic positions without the usage of a gps module.
The device relies on different radio networks (wifi, gsm etc) and a series of sensors to determine a less accurate position but still good enough.
The device supports a lot of power modes allowing more than 10 days with one battery charge.
Moreover the device can be associated to a master device and known locations to prevent false alarms.
A Back End service supports the devices and expose APIs that allows the creation of web apps and mobile apps.

Urban Tracker

Stetel srl

The original idea that led to the creation of Stetel was to leverage the availability of new communication technologies to support the growth of people's needs for communicating. In Stetel, we supported that need with a genuine focus on aligning the customer experience to new developing social contexts.

We also believe that the fast adoption of new communication technologies is an essential element that enables, supports and boosts the evolution of social life, and that the services implemented on those technologies should evolve at a fast pace.

That is and has been, the driver for our actions during the past 25 years. Today we can say that Stetel is still loyal to its first mission statement.

We are focused now on 2 main branches: mobile communications where we work with world leading operators like Vodafone and Internet of Things which is the perfectly complemental with our first branch.

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