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Para Parachute is a virtual reality parachute simulator. We combine the force between gaming and a physical installation.

The concept:
The concept is to levitate a person in a horizontal position with an oculus as a medium to see. The user can play mini games in the simulator for instance navigate through rings or land perfect in a pre-designated spot.
What happens?
The player will experience a parachute jump from begin “aircraft” to the end “landing zone”. When the game starts the player will virtually jump out of an air plane and physically being lifted in horizontal position. The player then can choose when he/she opens the parachute by pulling a cord on the gear. The player will be released, going back to a vertical position, creating a swing effect similar to opening a real parachute.
The player can control his/her movements in the game with two physical handles. With this mechanic the player must try to move through the rings and in the end try to make a perfect landing.

Eward Hage and Kevin Derksen of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Eward Hage and Kevin Derksen are two students from the Utrecht University of the Arts.

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