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Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine future scenarios of physical transformation and redefinition, aesthetic and performative.
In this direction, Carapace is a possible evolution of the human body in which rigid elements similar to crustaceans’ and insects’ exoscheletons integrate and transform sensory districts.
Starting from this vision CARAPACE PROJECT developed a serie of masks and accessories designed through generative design strategies and produced with 3D printing technologies.



Filippo Nassetti, lead designer. Communication manager.
He grew between Bologna, London and Vienna, working in international environments at Plasma Studio Architects and SPAN Architecture&Design, researching on generative design as part of prof. Alessio Erioli’s Architectural Design team (University of Bologna) and EDGELAB S / space and form strategies with Mario da Deppo and Vincenzo Reale.
His core driver is visual crafting contemporary identities of transformation and alteration, led exploring the aesthetic dimension of biological processes and their opportunities of redefinition and synthesis.

Alessandro Zomparelli, lead designer. R&D manager.
He graduated in Building Engineering and Architecture at the University of Bologna and his researches were published and presented in international conferences such as eCAADe (Prague, 2012) and ACADIA (San Francisco, 2012). He is currently Teacher Assistant in Architectural Design at the University of Bologna, part of prof. Alessio Erioli's team. His educational activity and researches are carried over as member of Co-de-iT, a network of professionals whose main interest is the impact of computation as design medium in creative disciplines. His contributions to open-source community are reported in his blog sketchesofcode.

Fabrizio Dovesi, project manager and business developer.
PMP® certified and member of PMI® with over 6 years of experience in the roles of project manager, coordinator and facilitator in many international business contexts (Alstom Trasport - AlmavivA Tsf). Fascinated by the methods and theories that pursue the continuous improvement process, he has gained solid skills in the management of design constraints and resources.
Acoustical researcher (CIARM, University of Bologna) and multi-instrumentalist musician, he has many experiences on tour, recording sessions and as a member of various groups, exploring a wide variety of genres.

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