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harebot Voyager uses the DLP technology to create high precision objects featuring excellent definition even on the tiniest features.

The integrated FULL HD projector strikes the printing material (resin) with a UV ray which impresses an image on it. Once the resin has been hit by the ray, it becomes solid. Thanks to the Z axis vertical movement, the process is repeated layer after layer to create the final model.

This process allows for a very rapid manufacturing of objects featuring smooth and polished sufaces: this fast resin solidification reduces the time needed to create an object making Voyager the perfect professional working tool for modeling and prosthodontics.

The resins are developed internally by the Sharebot R&D department, aiming to offer different resins for each different final use they are destined for. Changing the material’s chemical composition it’s possible to produce more resistent or more elastic resins.

It’s also possible to produce castable resins. Castable means that the resin evaporates completely without leaving any residue when placed in a furnace.

The printer’s managing software is already integrated: it’s possible to create and generate supports for a models on a computer then send it to Voyager through the wireless connectivity. After the printing process started, you’ll be in full control of it remotly.



Sharebot Srl is a dynamic company founded by two young entrepreneurs to design, develop and market 3D printers that are easy to use and capable of semi professional results. Founded in 2012, today Sharebot offers a third generation 3D printer that blends robustness, design and performance. With Sharebot NG the company targets professional and companies that need a solution for rapid prototyping at small prices, so that they may have at hand, in the office, a printer capable of making “proofs” quickly and with good quality, letting them rely on the more expensive professional 3D printing services only when the parts are finalized and checked against the requirements.

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