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Noah +
Noah +

Noah +

We create aluminum guitars and basses. We accepted the challenge and won: the meeting between the National and the Telecaster. A love dream. Electronics, Metal, Light: new scenarios for musicians.
Could a guitar to be more? This question pushed us to start new paths for an answer: the augmented guitar. An ongoing new guitar to create new musical languages, sometimes rough and dissonant, or docile and unworldly. Experiments for novelties are welcome!


Noah +

Giovanni Melis, Renato Ruatti, Mauro Moia

Giovanni Melis was born in Sardinia in 1953, gets his degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at Bologna University. He attends courses on Musicology and Folk Music with Roberto Leydi. He lives in London and then Milan where he still teaches English.
Renato Ruatti (1957) born in Cles, Val Di Non, he studies Architecture at Milan Politecnico. He opens his own studio RUATTISTUDIO
ARCHITETTI. The studio becomes the headquarters of Noahguitars in 1996.
Mauro Moia (1958) born in Varese, he is seventeen when he gets his first job at Aermacchi, renown plant of Airplanes building. He is now responsible
for a department of 80 workers in the plant.

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