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INTOINO KITS are plug&play DIY educational KIT to rapid prototype I.o.T. projects without coding or soldering. Perfect to learn IoT in a fun and easy way!!

The KITS are programmable via INTOINO App Store (community of projects) or INTOINO Editor (a touch interface based on Google App Inventor)!


Marco Bestonzo, Dario Trimarchi

Marco Bestonzo - Technology entrepreneur within the areas of Internet of things, consumer electronics and open source hardware.

Early in life I graduated in Bioelectronic engineering at Polytechnic of Turin, Italy.
I dropout my Ph.D. at the Center for Human Space Robotics of Italian Institute of Technology for a research position at Karolinksa Institutet - Unit for Bioentrepreneurship, Sweden to explore the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation including project management, research methodology and analysis, communication and the life science industry.

In 2014 I founded INTOINO Srl, multi awarded startup creating DIY IoT kits for education market to rapid prototipe electronics, domotics and Internet of things. (www.intoino.com).

Guest lecturer @ Alta Scuola Politecnica, Talenti per l’Impresa, T.E.D.

Biz interests: IoT, Bioelectronic engineering, Mobile Health and body-hacking.
Specialties: Startup Entrepreneurship, Internet of Things, OSWH, Consumer Electronics, Startup MGMT, Seed funding, Public speaking, Entrepreneurship in Italy, Bioelectronics.

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