Exhibitors 2015


SLICED "choose slice make your table"

SLICED is a modular table that is completely customizable.
The idea came from the desire to create a table with which the final user can literally interact during its construction and assembly and create a product made to order. The structure, consisting of plywood modules, is the key element and can be composed at will by the user who can choose which elements, among the six ones available, will make up the table according to a precise aesthetic and/or functional idea or experimenting innovative, different and unknown solutions.
However, there are a series of basic models or configurations available to simplify the task or give the opportunity to purchase a finished product ready for use. The table can always be customized, the user will in fact be able to change configuration, look and/or intended use by simply adding, removing or replacing the SLICES purchased separately so as to always have the opportunity to create other models and increase the possible alternatives.
The SLICE can also be produced in multilayer laminate, thereby widening the choice with different colors and finishes and further increase the degree of customization. This system allows to create a structure different each time with the possibility to vary it in time both in size and in form, or finish, and above all, very importantly, allows for multiple uses, from the domestic one, with the ability to configure SLICED for use in the kitchen, in the dining room or as a coffee table up to the professional, as a desk or that commercial, to set up bars, restaurants and hotels, in shops, stores, exhibition spaces as a bench or table display.
The top is also customizable both as regards materials and finishes that as regards shapes and sizes, which can be realized as a function of the property or the intended use.
The user has the option to buy more top dimensions / different forms and / or according to SLICE
which possesses, thus being able to create more tables, which differ not only in shape but also in size,
also depending on the needs of the moment, scrambling all the same elements and with the ability to add or remove unnecessary at will.
This project was designed in relation to the new logic of the web and the possibilities that this medium offers compared to the sale of products made and designed in view of the customization and customized products


Francesco Perego

Born and lives in Brianza. After graduating in applied art, design for the industry and the environment got the State Art Institute of Monza in 2007, follows a professional degree from the IED in Milan in interior design.
Since 2010 he worked as a designer dealing with the design and development of products, furniture, interiors and installations, but also to art direction and brand identity. Develop and maintain a strong relationship with the laboratory environment, learning to use equipment and traditional and innovative techniques, learning to live in an experimental design.
The knowledge of the technical aspects of production and leads him to care of some aspects of engineering especially in the field of interior furnishing.
Thanks to the passion for experimentation, technology, manual labor and materials, began working diligently on issues of craft, self-production and digital fabrication.
The attention to people and the land, materials and shapes is what drives his creative thinking, without neglecting methods, techniques and production technologies.

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