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YPOP (Your Project Open Project) is a start-up serving start-ups, set up with purpose to operate in the growing crowdfunding market. It is acting as a quality alternative and with innovative processes for reward crowdfunding and it launches on the market of civic crowdfunding with the aim to help those projects that are related to the comunity.

YPOP, in order to complete the range of its activities at the service of start-ups, ideas and ventures, it is also in the process to submit an application to Consob to became an operator of equity crowdfunding, sector in which it aims to dominate thanks to the high standards of quality control and social sostainability of start-ups and guarantee with regard to users and investors.

YPOP wants to pursue a model of development based on a phylosophy of comunity involvement: to help the creation and growth of projects, to increase its range of activities and to spread principles of crowdfunding, welcoming in network those who share same goals.

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