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Invitalia is the Government Agency for inward investment and economic development, aimed at increasing the country’s competitiveness, particularly in southern Italy, and to support the most strategic sectors.
Its main activities are designed to:
 supporting the producing system growth
 enhancing territories potentials
 attracting inward investments
Since 2012 Italian Government has been working at building a new policy vision aimed at modernizing the business environment by promoting the creation of favorable conditions for innovation-driven entrepreneurship such as:
- contributing significantly to economic growth and employment, especially youth employment
- attracting to Italy investments and “Italian brains” and PhDs back from abroad
- enhancing and bringing to market the results of public or private research
Italian Government has recently set up a specific legislation to support the establishment of innovative startup in Italy that is one of the most favorable public support for entrepreneurship among European countries.

Invitalia Ventures Sgr manages “Italia Venture Fund I” with an initial subscription of €50ML in order to invest in risk capital of startups and small and medium-size companies with high growth potential.
With its network of co-investors, provides not only risk capital, but also know-how and network for business development.
We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs that share our passion for innovation.

For further information: www.invitalia.it - info@invitalia.it
www.invitaliaventures.it - info@invitaliaventures.it

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