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IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

For more than forty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visual communication and management.
Today, IED is a constantly expanding international network that issues first-level academic diplomas and organises three-year courses, Masters courses, continuous professional development and advanced training courses.
Since 1966, the IED has developed innovative and diversified teaching methodologies, focused on synergies between technology and experimentation, creativity, strategies and integrated communication, market issues and a new form of professionalism.

IED takes part at the Maker Faire European Edition 2015 in Rome witnessing a research design that moves between the opposite boundaries of matter and the intangible.
In the third edition IED is present in a dual role: as well as a guest, like in the previous editions, the traditional exhibition space that shows the results of research that develops within it, this year will also be in the MakerStore, promoting the hard work of young designers, selected through a competition, displaying merchandising products made exclusively for Maker Faire Rome, items which represent to the public the real values of design, the handmade limited production and the new technologies.
The settings are planned by IED Design Rome, and provided by IED Design Milan and IED Cagliari.
Both involvements represent the values of an almost handmade design (“Design fatto quasiamano” it’s the title of the IED contest and exhibition) a design that shows the values expressed by the phenomenon of the makers and the technological revolution in which the project includes electronic interaction as essential components of his being, or in which the 3d manifacturing becomes an integral and decisive component for the process of production of the object.
In the exhibition space, IED tells about projects made within the Academic years, the result of a training course in which material, technology, and imagination skills are essential elements of sperimentation, as well as erudition, method and research knowledge express the value of a design gesture capable of expressing one's time.
Inside this space IED presents C_BIKE, a Product design thesis project that recall the traditional shape of the electric pedal assisted cycle, introducing carbon fiber frame solutions.
Project developed in collaboration with F&N carbon technology (Nicola Del Vecchio).
Every stages of the project are shown, from the design of the concept, through the study stages, the verification of the first models, the development of components that involve the use of digital technologies, from modeling to 3d printing, to laser cutting, together with great manual sensitivity, necessary to verify and check the shapes, mill a detail, verify the dimension of a joint.
Presenting the real creative and production process, that moves through the industrial mass production, the exhibit shows the integration between artisan tradition, value of matter and digital technologies, highlighting wealth and potential of this prolific and inevitable meeting.
The exhibition also offers a series of projects that explore the integration of technology and interactive processes.
“Sensitive” lamps that reacts to the impulses or emotions of the approaches, social design projects that interact with user’s daily habits and sensitize the containment of domestic water consumption, experimental projects like a sound maker swing capable of triggering dynamics with high relational and poetic value.

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