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ScuolaZoo was born on April 1, 2007 as a video sharing blog dedicated to school. Today it is Italy's largest student community, with an average of 2,500,000 monthly unique users and 15,000,000 page views.
The official Facebook page has over 2.200,000 fans. The headquarters are located in Milan and the team is made up of 50 young social media experts, mean age 25.

ScuolaZoo Travel: the only tour operator offering holiday packages to target 16-25 year old. A new kind of holiday called “travel-event”: 19 weeks planned, music festivals and events day by day. Leading companies such as Red Bull, Bacardi, Nokia, Akuel, Jagermeister-Campari, Carpisa and Yamamay have already been the official partners of ScuolaZoo Travel that in 5 years has involved more than 22,000 young people. Travel links: www.scuolazoo.com/viaggi

ScuolaZoo Licensing: the third best selling school diary distributed in Italy by Smemoranda, a line of clothing and the famous book published by Mondadori with the best content posted on the site.

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