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ADI Design Index Autoproduzione

Since 1956, ADI - Association for the Industrial Design brings together companies, professionals, researchers, teachers, critics, journalists around the main topics of Design. ADI has therefore a leading role in the development of the industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.
According to ADI, Design is a culturally aware project, an interface between the individual and collective demand and the producers' supply.
ADI Design Index is the yearbook published by ADI, that collects the best of Italian design, selected by more than 150 experts in the ADI Permanent Design Observatory.
The selection includes services, products or product systems, assessed in the context of different merchandise fields, in addition to the theoretical, historical and critical research and the corporate research. Each two years, a further selection among the best products that may be published on the ADI Design Index, leads to the Compasso d'Oro, the oldest and most influential international design award.
The exhibition "3 years of SELF PRODUCTIONS in ADI Design Index" is meant to show at the Maker Faire 2015 how designers, companies and associations are dealing -through objects and case histories- with the new ways of making and producing.

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