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VisualFood is a new way of arranging dishes that combines aesthetics and function. Using a variety of techniques, VisualFood can transform your food into little works of art that are aesthetically pleasing without altering the essence of the raw materials, leaving the function and value of food intact.

VisualFood is a discipline that engages all five senses: it catches your eye with alluring shapes, awakens your sense of smell with appetizing scents, delights your sense of hearing with the sounds of fresh and crunchy food, satisfies your sense of touch by letting you “play” with your food.

VisualFood is accessible to everyone. The creations are easy to reproduce. No specific skills or prior knowledge are necessary. It's affordable because it doesn't require special ingredients or expensive supplies.


Rita Loccisano

Rita was born in Calabria but lives in Modena. She has always given a lot of care and attention to the aesthetics of the table, continually researching new techniques and types of food art. After years of practicing food carving, she began to feel dissatisfied with certain aspects. She realized that food can no longer be thought of as decoration that get tossed in the trash. We need to rethink how we eat and waste less. This doesn't mean, however, that we have to forget about beauty.

With her first blog, A Mouse on the Table, Rita started publishing 100% edible ideas and creations using video tutorials.

As she published videos demonstrating common carving techniques (cucumber radishes, daikon butterflies, carrot flowers, etc), new ideas gradually started to emerge that used not only fruits and vegetables but cheese, cold cuts, sandwiches, and other kinds of food that were generally not considered suitable for edible artistic compositions.

At this point, she felt the pressing need to coin a new term for this philosophy and its innovative approach to food.

That's how VisualFood was born.

In December 2013, the startup VisualFood Srl was created with the aim of spreading this exciting discipline worldwide.

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