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Mirco Piccin, Gloria Spagnolo, Chiara Piccin, Emma Piccin, Enrico Piccin aka "The Pignolo Gang"
Choc-o-mat is a kit to convert a standard RepRap 3d printer, into a system for decorate or print with creams. In the kit there are 2 peristaltic pumps, used to …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace
The Pasta Code is a fun way to re-interpret the Morse code using current day technologies, incorporating our love for pasta and at the same time making fun of I …
  B31 - FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace - The Pasta Code

Stefano Grillo, Giulia Schiavetti, Elena Ruocco
Orticale is a vertical garden that thanks to an optional parallel rotation, allows an equal distribution of light and water in a reduced space. It is adaptable …

Letizia Palazzetti,Creaticity FabLab Tolentino, Apio
SmartDM is a machine capable of producing cocktails and longdrinks through the control provided by Apio Board . The machine can produce the formula of " perfect …
  B34 - Smart Drinking Machine

Wenda Team (Elia Rocco Ferrara, Mattia Nanetti, Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Guido Rossi)
WENDA has been specifically developed for wine bottles, as an expression of the most important and exclusive Food&Wine market and quality: Wenda Device, Wend …
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