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Fabio Defabis, Giovanni Pirozzi

The 68k-MBC is an easy to build 68008 CPU SBC, using only easy to find TH parts.

Team DigiLAB Volta - I.I.S. Alessandro Volta Frosinone

The Android called 'Brother', with autonomous decision-making abilities and interaction with the outside world based on event recognition through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Brother is able to recognize the Italian sign language LIS by translating it into audio and Braille.

Francesca Fiore

ApeLab is a mobile FabLab, an itinerant experimental laboratory for social innovation at the service of the local community. All set up on an Ape Car..pink!

paperPino (Giuseppe Civitarese)

From a sheet of paper to a marvelous machine: the fabulous world of paper automata

  J.T.12 (pav. J)

Susanna Albertini

What is the circular bioeconomy and what are the bio-based applications in everyday life? Come and visit the interactive house of the BIOECONOMY Village to discover how the sustainable future is already a reality

Fisica in pillole

The smartphone is a physics laboratory. We will find out how sensors work and the physics hidden in our pockets.

  J.1.23 (pav. J)

Sandra Chistolini, Sara Navarro Lalanda

The project invests in knowledge, creates multimedia educational products, gives opportunities to learn about the use of digital technology.

Daniel Sandoval Villa

Learn to create several musical instruments made with cardboard end recycled materials controlled by Micro:bits microcontroller.

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our snacks are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

Jellyfish Fab. by Lucas Zeer, Cristina Coronado Osornio and Yue Liu

A tiny alien goo that loves to dance and play, controlled by lights and electromagnets and powered by USB.

Marco Ferrantini e Erdit Hallulli

Foglia is a project born in occasion of the Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition 2017. The first version was a small Ikea greenhouse with a whole set of sensors and probes installed using 3D printed supports and adapters. (Learn more about the IKEA KRYDDA). The development platform is RaspberryPi.

Luciano Teresi

Interact with mathematics and create art: challenge yourself with IMAGINARY!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Pierluigi Zerbini

A transparent sphere that changes its color in relation to the movement it makes in 3D space.

  J.1.13 (pav. J)

One Health Vision

Leggo Facile is the software for the treatment of dyslexia, to develop home lexical training also through gamification

Adriana Postiglione, Ilaria De Angelis

What is gravity? How do planets, stars and galaxies move in the Universe? Lets find it out together!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Pierfrancesco Panunzi

Now you can do incredible magical effects with little expense and lots of inventiveness using only Arduino and App Inventor (Android).

  J.2.05 (pav. J)

Making Open, Istituto M. Massimo: Becchetti, De Gregorio, Poletto, Topani

From a simple wooden table Build and drive a professional electric kart with your team in the Formula Xavier Grand Prix

Universit dell'Aquila - Leonardo Guidoni, Alice Lemmo, Davide Ubaldi, Silvia Baccaro, Antonella Malatesta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (7-13) and their innovative teachers.

  K.12 (pav. K)

Dmytro Khmara

My Sat Kit educational kit with functions of a real satellite.


Gymnasium Vukovar, Croatia / Class Sophomore (Second year of high school)

Our project is based on the wireless transmission of signals using the principle of radio transmission whose initiator was Nikola Tesla.

Fab Lab L'Aquila ETS

Feed both your feathered friends and your mind with this smart, connected and friendly bird feeder.

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

PoopBot is a robot that fuses technology, kawaii and fun for all!

Luciano Pautasso

Arduino facilitates the control of a railroad model using an Infrared remote control.


robots for social work and for catering

TecnoTeam IC A. Sebastiani Minturno

A project developed by young people for young people. A low-cost, easy-to-assemble and easily programmable educational robot.


OpenDot e Fondazione TOG

SayEye: the system co-designed by Opendot and TOG that allows children with severe difficulties to communicate with the eyes.

  J.1.05 (pav. J)

Michele Lotta, Francesca Radovcic, Francesca Colosso, Juliana Moura De Oliveira, Riccardo Lucheschi, Caterina Cheber, Letizia Deriu.

Fishermen, institutions and private organizations united for the health and monitoring of our sea.

Fulvio Flamini, Lea M. Trenkwalder and Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup

Seeker Chronicles is the first and only card game based on real science and technology.


main author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini co-author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

A challenge game between two players at the ends of an LED bar trying to drag a light segment

  F.04 (pav. F)

Eben Burgoon

Watch, learn, and add your own art to a socially-built sculpture of Rome made of masking tape and imagination!

Filo Srl

Tata is the brand for parents that provides the right tools for the challenges facing families today.

  E.03 (pav. E)

Gianluca Micheli, Maria Vittoria Modugno e Ilaria Todeschini

A service that supports families and doctors in the management of allergic rhinitis in childhood.

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