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Mauro Cerelli - Devboards.it

ESPpy32 electronic dev-board for IoT applications. Based on ESP32 you can easily develop awesome applications with DEBUG feature!

Bruno Luziatelli, Mauro Cerelli e Gianluigi Perrella

From Pick&Place to #ESPy32. How to cover the whole process, designing and realizing a small amount of assembled electronic boards (PCBA).

ITS D.E.Mo.S Academy 3D Flakes printing

"Our revolutionary project offers an affordable and eco-friendly 3D printer, promoting innovation and sustainability in sectors such as education and industry. Maker Faire Rome provides a key opportunity to share this vision and connect with the innovative community."

LARM - Laboratorio di Robotica e Meccatronica - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Il futuro della robotica grazie alla stampa 3D e all'ispirazione della natura

- Nikhil Deshpande - Jesus Ortiz - Carlo Canali

Advanced Technologies for Fall Mitigation and VR-based Interactive Training for Workers Working at Heights

  E12 (pav. 5E.12)

Emanuele Giacomini, Leonardo Brizi, Luca Di Giammarino

Precise, cost-effective 3D mapping system for advanced perception functions.

A. Iele, A. Ricciardi, M. Consales e A. Cusano (DING - Unisannio) & C. Pecorella, A. Cirillo, F. Ficuciello, B. Siciliano (PRISMA Lab, DIET- Unina) & R. La Rocca e V. Mirone (DNSRO - Unina)

Miniaturized probe, based on optical fiber technology and integrated inside a medical needle, for measuring the elastic consistency of biological tissues aimed at diagnosing prostate cancer.

Studente Ciro Pellecchia e Achille Moscardino

Our project was designed to significantly reduce the pollution caused by the spraying of chemical products such as copper and sulfur in the vineyards. Copper is a heavy metal and for this reason toxic to soils while sulfur causes serious irritation to the respiratory system and to the skin of men. These two pollutants are very harmful to our ecosystem and the environment. Unfortunately, these products are widely used in agriculture because they are used to fight diseases such as Peronospora and Oidium. These fungi affect all agricultural cultures but in particular the excellent vine of Made Italy for the production of quality wine.

Roberto Meattini, Alex Pasquali, Davide Chiaravalli, Claudio Melchiorri, Gianluca Palli

The University of Bologna showcases AI-driven robotics, highlighting projects in manipulation, industrial production, and quality control, fostering innovation.

Paolo De Rossi, Stefano Cazzaniga, Andrea Gri, Diego Almerares

We put out fires faster and more efficiently

Gruppo di Ricerca in Automazione e Controllo - Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Hardware and software development of a real-time control system with rad-hard specifications for manipulators operating on nuclear fusion reactors

Giovanni Bernardo

Cheap and customizable STEM Robot based on Arduino Uno with parts printed in 3D and easy-available components.

Lars Oberhofer, Katerina Koleva, Magda Żukowska, Heïdi Sainte-Catherine and Riccardo Calcagno

Brailly is a 3D-printed, interactive cube that transforms Braille learning into a fun and easy activity.

Kevin McAleer

Bubo is a Steampunk-style companion robot that can toot pictures based on a user's hand gestures.

Gruppo di ricerca del progetto BUDD-e, Politecnico di Milano (responsabile scientifico Marcello Farina)

An assistive autonomous robotic guide for blind and visually impaired persons

  A3 (pav. 6A.03)


Autonomous, inexpensive and sustainable rover for beach litter cleanup and environmental monitoring.

  A16 (pav. 5A.16)

Medaarch - in collaborazione con WASP e Lab Mec

"Digital Fabrication for the Renaissance of Made in Italy At Maker Faire Rome 2023 the Center for Digital Craftsmanship by Medaarch, the space dedicated to Manufacturing 5.0 for the enhancement of future talents."

Riccardo Maggioni, Jacopo Peroni

CheemsCity aims to create comprehensive paths to robotics through online courses supported by hardware platforms and memes.

Francesco Cassini

Thanks to the use of LLMs (starting with the most famous chatGPT), the idea was to create a robot that can be programmed in natural language

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)


Exploring the legal implications of the use of big data applied to scientific research in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show how to recreate an interaction with remote/virtual environment and werable haptic devices

  E11 (pav. 5E.11)

Domenico Prattichizzo

We will show how to recreate an interaction with remote/virtual environments and wearable haptic devices.

Cortelli Luca

Cortex is a universal controller for CNC automation, customizable, safe, and versatile. The goal is to take CNC technology to the next level.

Alessandro e Giuseppe Spedaliere

A machine that revolutionizes padel and tennis' world. Train wherever you want, with endless possibilities of customization.

  D11 (pav. 7D.11)

Volontari e-Nable Italia (Michele Praga, Alessandro Villa, Kabir Lovero, Alberto Navatta e altri)

Experiments and assistive devices created by e-Nable Italia volunteers for children with limb difference problems


Ready-to-use electronics for those who love programming and simplified programming for electronics enthusiasts

Maccagni Giacomo, Federico Minutoli

We will start with an overview of the Machine Learning models covered within Reply R&D. We will then move on to a focus on a robotic agent such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics. From here we will have the basis to move on to an implementation of Embodied AI Agents controlled completely with voice in natural language.

Raul Bartalini Bigi classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena

"Solid and liquid feed dispenser" allows you to feed and water domestic birds in your absence.

Riccardo Pedone, Gabriele Di Blasi - classe 4BE dell'ITIS Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica - Istituto Scolastico Enzo Ferrari di Susa (TO)

FideLIS: an eco-sustainable robot able to make art and museums inclusive through LIS.

Classe 4K di Elettronica e Automazione e 5M di Informatica dell'ITI Galileo Ferraris di Napoli

Automa, eco-sustainable and ecological that aims to combat the pollution of marine ecosystems through the use of artificial intelligence and a cutting-edge telecommunications network.

Oleksandr Poliakov, Anastasiia Selina

Reincarnation of "Battle City" in the real world, with the addition of some high-tech stuff - FPV & IoT

  G7 (pav. 3G.07)

dCO Team

We can make fun studying available to students and teachers learning to code. Many students who joined us in the process decided to stick to the eco-friendly materials(cardboard) without using glue in mind to think about the global environment.

  I15 (pav. 3I.15)

Prof.ssa Laura De Gara

At Maker Faire UCBM will present projects and experimental tools to face the challenges that climate change is posing to the food supply chain.

  A10 (pav. 4A.10)

Nicolò Boccardo, Riccardo Galviati, Andrea Marinelli

HANNES, the prosthetic hand and wrist

  E9 (pav. 5E.09)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

A board that make simpler motor control with ROS 2.

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)

Sezione INFN di Ferrara, Liceo Scientifico “A. Roiti”, MIT, Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra dell’Università di Ferrara

BUILT IT, LEARN IT, SHARE IT: a new approach, more experiential, hands-on, collaborative, motivating and fun to Physics and STEAM

IIT Dynamic Legged Systems lab

IIT's quadruped robots in action

  E2 (pav. 5E.02)

Gaetano Carlino,Salvatore Sgariglia, Antonio Amato, Giuseppe Pirillo, Denis Oliviero.

Your limb difference is your superpower I can feel my legs Your bionic journey start here.

Dr. Ferdinando Cannella, Industrial Robotics Facility (Inbot) - Dr. Arianna Traviglia, Centre for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT) - Dr. Gabriele Marchello, Industrial Robotics Facility (Inbot) - Dr. Alessandra Zambrano, Pompeii Archaeological Park (t

Revolutionizing Preservation: Robotics in Cultural Heritage and Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring

  E10 (pav. 5E.10)

Antonio Bicchi

Soft Robotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation

  E5 (pav. 5E.05)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Cutting-edge prototypes, from artificial intelligence to immersive reality, digital making and gaming, and others activities of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym.

IISS "G Salvemini" Alessano (scuola capofila del progetto); ITT "P Paleocapa" Bergamo; IISS "D Scano" Cagliari

LAB3 school networks for full-access relations and opportunities aiming at remote machines and robots controlling and programming

  D6 (pav. 8D.06)

Liberini Giorgio

Simple, cheap, affordable LIDAR using TF-luna, nema 16 slim motor, nodemcu, a4988 stepper driver, for robotic obstacle detection.

  C20 (pav. 5C.20)

V.E.T.RO.: Luca Distefano, Anna Fumagalli, Giuliano Giampietro, Jamila Naffati, Catia Romaniello, Vincenzo Maria Vitale, Prof. Marilena Vendittelli

Immerse yourself into a 3D virtual reality environment and feel haptic feedback by simulating medical procedures.

  D10 (pav. 5D.10)

Ji-Hyun Ko

Moving Gunpla & Figure project remodeled a Gundam plastic model kit with a servo, LED, USB camera, controlled by Arduino Board. Attendee can control the items.

  G8 (pav. 3G.08)

Centro Piaggio

Legged-wheeled robots for extreme autonomy and mobility

  G19 (pav. 6G.19)

Team "Black-Hole" - Istituto Superiore "Volta" - Castel San Giovanni - PC

Everyone can experience playing the piano

Gianmarco Merlini - B.P.S.

MusicHArt transforms music into works of abstract art with the aim of representing the artist's intimate communicative message

Walter Lucetti

Intelligent autonomous ground robot with 3D eyes that analyzes the surroundings with AI.

Raffaello Bonghi

nanosaur is an Italian open-source and 3D printable platform, designed to wander on your desk. With this platform, you learn the fundamentals of ROS2 and NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs. Learning how to use AI applied in robotics.

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)
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