Exhibitors 2017

Maker Faire Rome 2017: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

UP! Bridge the gap
UP is a new independent European division of AAEON ( Asus Group ) focused on the makers and innovators market. The mission of UP is to “Bridge the Gapâ …

Federico Veronesi
In the Upcycled collection the Eco-Sustainability concept is applied to the field of Fashion Design. The name itself indicates the main feature of this collection made by converting the waste into a raw material and therefore giving an added value to the final products. Inner tubes from bikes, cars, trucks and tractors become jewels.

Alfredo Maglione, Ketty Paller, Marco Facchini, Daniele Cortellazzi
Have you ever measured the quality of your life? Now thanks to UpSens it is possible!

Classi terza quarta quinta manutentori elettrici elettronici dell'Ipsia G. Ceconi Gruppo "latuaideadimpresa" simulazione startup.
The Universal Remote Controller is a glove with sensors that controls up to 5 axles devices through a wireless signal.

Acmecubo srl
Find the innovative UV oven ensuring a perfect post-cure for your resin 3D printed products. Be the first!

Valeria Cagnina - www.valeriacagnina.tech

classe ITS V, 2015-2017, corso ITS - sede decentrata di Fossano (CN)
Vallbot is robot using three omni-directional wheels, moving in the surrounding space upon a big sphere.

Giacomo Volponi
Kit for the sailing anti-capsizing transformation of the kayak, and/or security tool that avoids water penetration inside the capsized closed kayak.
  E21 (pav. 6)

Verso Technologies srl
Verso One is a wearable device that recognizes gesture and hand movement to enable users to interact with their device such as mobile phone, computer and more.

Natale Di Domenico
Presentation of SOFTWARE and HARDWARE platform that implement a little robot and his PROGRAMMABLE SYSTEM to develop applications that manage it.

StudioBliquo, formato da Zeno Menestrina, Angela Pasqualotto e Adriano Siesser
Skies of Manawak is a video game aimed at supporting children with learning disabilities.

Dress Coders
A new disruptive way to use wearable technologies to stimulate the development of fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.

Roberto Lo Giacco, Francesco Sorrentino, Giacinto Lo Giacco, Annamaria Marini, Alberto De Nichilo, Toni Scotti
If you lack the classical "green thumb" it's time to give voice to your plants: start listening!

Michele Curatolo, Luciano Teresi
We use Finite Element Methods to solve the problem of fluid structure interaction for a swimming fish

Francesco Fusco, Daniele Sabatini, Stefano Sabatini, Nazzareno Ralli
Visible Light Communication: a special torch sends keys into light flow to a receiver that verifies the authcode and open a gate

Stefano Pergoloni, Mauro Biagi, Andrea Petroni
A wireless light transmission communication system, both for enlightening and data transfer.

Enrico Perozziello
Simplified Plant Management. Design and implementation of Supervision & Temperature Control Systems.

Giulio Berretta
Voice Instrument is an opensource interface able to connect to electronic devices and speaks numbers and messages.

Lavinia Franceschini
Fickle steel lamp which can be slide on wood base having more configuration, It's light, minimal and easy to handle.

Paolo Mirabelli
House of drones will host FPV Racing DEMO and baptisms in fpv for young people, there will also be workshops of SAPR
  House of Drones

Lavinia Franceschini
Conteiner/sitting with handles. It is composed by two pices of plywood. It is light, stackable, resistent colorful and has a clean line.

Codemotion Kids!
We'll visit deep space diving us on a virtual journey to discover far new worlds. For the trip we'll wear special helmets to travel in three dimensions!

Federica Vadalà. Scuola: ITIS "Ascanio Sobrero" indirizzo Perito Elettronico e Telecomunicazioni. Classe 5°AE
WACS (Wireless Access Control Systems) consists of a prototype of a safe-controlled "electronic cards" with RFID technology.

Alessio Morale & the LibrePilot team
A line follower and a drone powered by the LibrePilot opensource firmware

WatchGuard Technologies
WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of security services, from traditional intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, application control, spam pre …
  A9 (pav. 7)

Roberto Colella, Antonio Petitti, Matteo Fanchini
Waybration is a navigation support system for visually impaired people practicing SUP, based on low cost flight control unit and two custom-made vibrating anklets.

  B12 (pav. 6)

The Raspberry Pi Foundation
Discover how easy it is to learn about the environment both here on earth and in space with a Raspberry Pi! Have a go at some simple coding and see other cool projects you can make yourself!

Luca Cassioli
Several devices to show power of WiFi and NFC: PC unlocker, SafeChild, NFC car locker, IP notifier,...

Pierpaolo Loreti, Massimiliano De Luca, Lorenzo Bracciale, Alexandro Catini, Gabriele Gentile, Corrado Di Natale
Wireless non-invasive infrastructure-less wild animal monitoring system

Filippo Barbieri
WiLock is an electronic motorized lock system for door managed by Smartphone/Mobile Phone, SmartWatch, Computer and SmartTV via app, local area network and Internet.

Secondo anno del percorso post diploma ITS Meccatronico Veneto sede di Treviso. Gruppo team working 6
The most compact wind generator with autoadjust of the blade’s incidence and yaw.
  B6 (pav. 4)

FabLab Network
Flight simulator of a wingsuit through virtual reality. You can fly anywhere for a unique experience.

Creative Point team
Wooden aquarium is a project of low cost furniture, which is cheap, lightweight and safer than a glass aquarium.

De Agostini Editore
In the X MAKER area, creative workshops will be held concerning the use of a 3D pen and 3D printer

X-Farm is a platform that helps farmers manage their business by improving data management and having a unique platform to manage admin and operations.

Francesco Pessolano, Marco Camilli

Do you ever wanted to make your own personalised flip-flops ? Now it's possible and 3D printed!

Zerynth (www.zerynth.com) is a professional development suite that allows programming embedded and IoT applications using Python & hybrid C/Python language.
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