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The first eco-boat built by students with recycled materials to sail the Adriatica Sea in a non-competitive and crazy race.

  J.2.09 (pav. J)

Michelangelo Maugeri - IT Archimede di Catania

The project allows you to recycle polymeric materials, saves on the cost of reels, producing the filament for 3D printers.

Paolo Ginefra, Antonio Manuel Marulli, Alice Grossi, Giorgia Mira, Claudio Capurso, Fabrizio Di Carlo

A.R.A.C.H.N.E. is able to probe the soil, mapping and weeding the weeds to reuse them for soil mulching.

Massimo Barbaro, Silvia Loddo, Paolo Meloni, Marco Tanca, Riccardo Carboni, Francesco Marcato, Augusto Mura, Roberto Ruda

ACUADORI is an easy-to-use platform for water monitoring of vineyards based on novel wireless biosensors with no impact on farming activities.

Fablab Algeri Marino

Artificial intelligence system for the predictive maintenance of an engine based on a card Arduino and Tensorflow.

Giacomo Cesari

Flying Drone with dangerous gases and particulate sensors for altitude analysis

  J.2.03 (pav. J)

Monitoraggio Ambiente Marino e Terrestre - Conservazione della Natura (MAGIAMARE - SIENA)

New deterrent devices to reduce interactions between sea turtles, dolphins and fisheries

Classe 3 A indirizzo informatica Anno Scolastico 2020-2021

Autodome company has decided to create sunshade panel able to diffuse sunlight by filtering UV rays. The prototypewas made with the support of external companies. Problems/Opportunities The panel was created with the intention of letting the sun's rays pass and retaining UV rays, creating an area of soft light. Our panel is efficient, innovative and has no direct competitors on the market.


Robert Manolea - Mauro La Rocca

Industrial IoT, Structural Health Monitoring, Smart Mobility and Smart Energy are just some of our targets.

Stefano Di Persio, Luca Di Persio

BEYOOND is the first Italian cloud-based and multi-purpose platform for self-service AI for SMEs, offered in SaaS mode.

J. Liotti, F. Guzzo, P. Allegro, D. Mainieri

Production of food, feed and biopolymers from organic residue of various kinds with black soldier fly and spirulina

  J.S.05 (pav. J)

Susanna Albertini

What is the circular bioeconomy and what are the bio-based applications in everyday life? Come and visit the interactive house of the BIOECONOMY Village to discover how the sustainable future is already a reality

Federico Giannakopoulos

I have designed a single-driver electric vehicle and am realising it. My idea is to enable other young makers to build their vehicle more easily.

Francesco Cencioni, Simone Cancelli, Lorenzo Parri, STIE srl

Building ML, Machine Learning and Business Analytics applied to home and building automation

Elia Gasparolo

Connective tissue. Biotextile with Memory. Perfumes, textures and flavours today turned into skin. Fabric that connects and re-signifies the cycles.

Cubbit | M. Moschettini, S. Onofri, A. Cillario, L. Posani

Cubbit is Europe's first distributed cloud: its zero-knowledge technology protects your privacy 100%, while saving 40kg of CO2 per TB stored.

Tommaso Caligari, Giada Bausani, Zineb Kamal 4CA-1EB ITI OMAR NOVARA

We produced Cu2O nanoparticles to develop an artificial photosynthesis process to convert CO2 and water into methanol.

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

How can ICT empower Humanities? One question, different answers for Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, History, Art History and Philology.


The project is completed and fully functional consists of an assistance system with electric motor and battery for the muscle bicycle, the system uses a belt transmission with longitudinal ribs (7.0x3.5 mm), the same is placed between the pinion of the motor (positioned under the saddle) and a special pulley fixed to the rear wheel hub and integral with it

  J.1.18 (pav. J)

Francesco Margheriti, Marco Chianura

Design and development of an eco-sustainable cosmetic products from waste materials and formulated with completely green and vegan excipients and manufacturing processes.

Prof. Michele Pinelli

New technologies of fluid machines and hydraulic components to be used in power transmissions that use eco-friendly fluids

Carmine Stefano Clemente, Daniele Davino, Immacolato Iannone, Vincenzo Paolo Loschiavo

Energy harvesting makes possible the feeding of wireless sensors where and when it is needed.

  D.06 (pav. D)

VILLAM (Anita Cal) e ARSHAKE (Elena Giulia Rossi)

It starts from the ground up, metaphorically but also materially. The project becomes the theatre for a transdisciplinary operation moving between the most radical agricultural practices and the most advanced technologies.

Dr.ssa Sara Panseri, Dr. Mauro Fontana, Dr. Massimo Revello, Prof. Roberto Lavecchia, Prof. Luca Chiesa and Prof. Antonio Zuorro

A green technology based on infrared treatment to improve safety and quality of milk and beverages via sustainable process


Wheelchair designed with brushless motors. Handy, practical, fun and ecological

Claudio Cagnazzi

The SOF'up kit allows you to lift and move armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, storage beds and more by controlling everything with your voice

Team H2politO

Passion, study, and looking to the future are the ingredients that allow us to design record-breaking consumption competition vehicles.

  J.1.17 (pav. J)

Giorgia Lancione, Francesco Romanello, Luca Saraceno, Antonio Scotini, Giuseppe Zummo

In Quattro has developed an innovative Two-Phase advanced thermal management system for high power electronics for space and terrestrial applications.

  J.1.25 (pav. J)

Prof. Antonio Zuorro, Dr. Alfredo Malomo, Dr. Rhoman Rossi, Prof. Roberto Lavecchia, Prof. Luca Chiesa and Dr.ssa Sara Panseri

Innovative technology based on combination of MAP and essential oil vapors for shelf-life management of high perishable foods

  J.S.24 (pav. J)

Prof.ssa Simonetta Pancaldi

Phytodepuration plant which, by means of autochthonous microalgae, reduces the nitrogen and phosphorus load of waste water

Fablab Algeri Marino

SMART WATER ANALYSIS is a tap equipped with a TDS sensor that detects the amount of dissolved solids in the water, allowing us to determine whether the water is safe to drink.


Komposta is an innovative kitchen hood that is able to cook food or transform food waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the stovetop.

Davide Piacentini, Andrea Casaroli e Lorenzo Anile

We delete CO2 through electrochemical processes, dividing it into carbon and oxygen, to reduce the problem of air pollution.

Innocenzo Muzzalupo, Giovanni Misasi, Giuseppe Chiappetta e Cristian Altimari

M-Bioma s.r.l., a spin off supported by CREA, produces technologically advanced unique biological fertilizers based on useful microorganisms.

  J.S.08 (pav. J)

ENEA - Dipartimento SSPT - I Laboratori della Divisione PROMAS

Sustainable materials and technologies for energy harvesting and 3D printing for energy applications.

  J.S.00 (pav. J)

main author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello co-author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Smart plug and power limiter easy to use: your lights will never go out again

Donato Abruzzese, Alessandro Tiero, Andrea Micheletti, Srey Mom Vuth, Pier Luigi Abiuso, Carlo Marocchini, Davide Bracale, Piera Cammarano, Mauro Di Giulio, Sara Ferrari, Gian Marco Grizzi

A system for permanent real-time wireless monitoring of the stress state in structural elements of new and existing buildings

Annalisa Di Bernardino, Valeria Jennings, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Enrico Cadau, Marco Cacciani

Development of low-cost microsensors for real-time meteorological and air quality monitoring.

PowerMeter Team

PowerMeter Home Edition is the energy you don't know to have

  J.T.26 (pav. J)

Gianfranco Romanazzi (project Coordinator), Antonio Ippolito (RU leader UNIBA), Davide Spadaro (RU leader UNITO)

StopMedWaste reduces loss and waste of fresh fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants by physical means, natural substances and biocontrol agents

Digitarch Farm srl

PuroSole has created a unique roasting system in the world by concentrating sunlight directly on raw coffee.

  J.01 (pav. J)


Knowledge path in the field of biotechnology and bioeconomy, driver of sustainable territorial development through integrated and inclusive actions.

  J.S.04 (pav. J)

claudia donello, antonio arcodia

save the world by playing

  J.2.25 (pav. J)

Elisa Nicolia

By imitating the hygromechanical properties of pine cones that react to the change of humidity in the air, this experiment makes use of 4D printing for the programming of natural hygromorphic compounds: the transformation of these modules is integrally integrated into the printed architecture thanks to the control and the design of the printing direction and the manufacturing and assembly method of wood (active layer) and fiberglass (passive layer). This experimentation envisages a potential application in the architectural field for membranes and roofing systems

ScieNcE Together

Young makers for the future of the planet

  J.1.20 (pav. J)

Prof. Donato Vincenzi

The technology based on the photo-excitation of tungsten trioxide electrodes, suitably modified, works in an aqueous environment under solar illumination.

  C.12 (pav. C)


Smart School for Healthier Classrooms allows automatic and continuous monitoring of AIQ in school environments

gli studenti della classe IV insieme al Prof. Fernando Rea

Educational prototype of an electric car made by the Sandro Pertini Professional Institute of Alatri using a DC motor / differential axis, batteries and photovoltaic panels

  J.2.11 (pav. J)

Emanuela Gatto, Raffaella Lettieri, Valentina Armuzza

SPlastica is an innovative material made from ORGANIC WASTE, it is completely biodegradable according with principles of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Anna Irene Del Monaco

The Studanteum project illustrates a number of typical university campus-dormitory projects

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