Exhibitors 2015

Maker Faire Rome 2015: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Immagina e Crea
Flux Capacitor for Multicolor 3D Printing extruder, with single Hot End.
  A34 - "Flusso Canalizzatore" Canalizzatore 4 vie per STAMPA 3D multicolore/multimateriale a singolo Hot End

Silvio Scena
Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full p …

Mastro Gippo
Cars are transforming from nearly 100% mechanical devices to nearly 100% electronic devices; this brings a whole new set of interesting features, but it also un …

Davide Barreca
It's rooted in the territories in which we live, with their several alternatives. It's a constant search for alternatives to modern materials. It's a utopia; th …

Beste Ozcan, Valerio Sperati (ISTC - CNR)
It happens many times as part of a long, sometimes heart-breaking, stories of children with autism having difficulties to communicate with their family. As such …
  O18 - +me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

Gregor Luetolf and the Crazy Rooster
The project was born in 2014 when we wanted to do a reliability test of the desktop printer Ultimaker 2. The aim was to build some big and pretty object, to sho …
  W4 - 1.90m Eiffel Tower in 3D

Mastro Gippo
I replaced the motherboard of a Nokia 3310 phone and designed a new circuit to implement new features like a dual graphing multimeter with advanced functions, a …
  S8 - Crunchlab

Giulio Bigliardi, Sofia Menconero
3D ArcheoLab is a project focused on the accessibility of Cultural Heritage, improving fruition and development of museums through technology and low-cost solut …

Andrea Boldi
Nemesi Oro and Pronto 3D are two companies devoted to the use of 3D printing and innovative technologies in Made in Italy product, particularly jewels. Pronto 3 …
  D22 - 3D design and printing in high end jewelry

We are a group of four italian experts (a physicist, an aerospace engineering student, a marketing manager and a designer) who have been following the developme …
  A18 -

Sara Vignoli_FabLab Sassari
The project starts from the opportunity to use 3d printing tools for bio-architecture, in order to bring “ a bit of Nature” in our city. These modu …
  P4 - 3D elements of nature

WASProject Team
3D Food Printing

Giulio Bigliardi, Sofia Menconero
3D Virtual Museum is a collaborative web portal where can be admired 3D models of artworks from Italian museums and where can be downloaded the STL file of each …

ABA Fablab Perugia
The project starts from the scan of one or more works that are the heritage of the Accademia di Belle Arti "Pietro Vannucci" in Perugia to reach the reproductio …
  W2 - 3DDM: 3D Digital Museum Valorizzazione del patrimonio artistico/culturale

The only 3d printer to two independent axes combining the technique with the additive subtractive !! This year, we present a printer 3D, we have filed the paten …
  A11 - 3dprn-Lab X2 Mill

Marco D'Alia
3DRacers.com is the first 3D printed, smartphone controlled game where you can design and race your 3D printed car. Design your vehicle online, choose from ove …
  U25 - 3DRacers: Design and Race your 3D Printed Robot

TryeCo 2.0 srl
3eco aims to market a material 3D printers consumer derived from regeneration that preserves the performance characteristics required. This will give a positive …

ITIS "M.Giua"- Cagliari Gruppo Hi-Lab Studenti: Matteo Monni e Emma Bordigoni. Referente: prof. Antonello Zizi
The children's anti-abandonment system is composed by one or more sensors, one electronic device and can include one or more additional modules able of activa …
  C26 - 4LIFE: Sistema anti abbandono involontario bambini in auto

Ing. Stefano Graziosi
A.R.G.O. stands for "Robotic Assistant to an Ordinary Day". This is a medium-sized rover that, thanks to its considerable mechanical performance in terms of loa …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche

Acea is one of Italy’s leading multiutility companies. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999, it manages and develops networks and services in …

Since 1956, ADI - Association for the Industrial Design brings together companies, professionals, researchers, teachers, critics, journalists around the main to …

The Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) is responsible for ensuring the attainment of the objectives of the Italian Digital Agenda (in accordance with the European …

Istituto di Biometeorologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR IBIMET)
An Arduino based sensor shield called "AirQuino" has been developed, dedicated to the monitoring of air quality (Noise, Humidity ,Temperature, CO2, O3, NO2, VOC …
  I10 - AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

Alan Advantage leverages the multi disciplinary expertise of its open innovation network helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and gr …

Marco Sangiorgio, Giorgio Malvezzi
Allarmino is an "all in one" professional and modular security alarm & home automation system, based on Atmel ATmega2560. Is is pin-to-pin compatible with Ardui …

3D Artists
3D Artists presents the Alligator Board and the Piggy Expansion Module, a complete and innovative electronic solution for 3D printers, born to satisfy makers an …
  G34 - Alligator Board – MultiExtruder 3D Printer Electronic Solution

The Amalettomat is an automatic crêpe machine. It was built by Zwax, a maker from Vienna. He is member of a Hackerspace called Metalab, where most of the pro …
  B8 - Amalettomat

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to the Italian Republic is a co-sponsor of Maker Faire 2015.

Antonino Cotroneo @ WeMake
A digitally-fabricated tool for visually impaired people, teachers and pedagogists to help in the design of electronic circuits.

Among the various projects carried out by AMMILAB, a new automatic musical ensemble stands out at the MFR2015. It is made up of a street organ, built to faithfu …

Marco Rampin
Common class D audio power amplifiers are based on semiconductor devices used as electronic power switches directly applying the power supply to the loudspeaker …
  V5 - AmpDiVa - Amplificatori Digitali Valvolari


Luigi Bertone
I make cardboard moneybanks in the shape of animals: simple and timeless objects, in eco-friendly but resistant material. I start from 3d modelling, then I deco …
  D8 - ANYmals Money Bank

Davide Imperatori
The use of Festo pneumatic pistons , interfaced to the Arduino via solenoid valves , allows a good alternative to common linear actuators ... but getting more s …
  F10 - aPneumatic, Labduino

Luca Agrippino, Giuseppe Arenare
It 'a prototype that illustrates, in a simplified way, the operation of an active antitheft system. The prototype detects the presence of a person inside a room …

APUANA CORPORATE - La Fabbrica Diffusa (Rete informale fra imprese apuane)
APUANA CORPORATE, a network between Apuan companies , presents Carrara marble reinterpreted in the light of new digital technologies result of an internal inves …
  P9 - APUANA CORPORATE - La fabbrica Diffusa

The start-up founded in 2013 after two years of difficulties saw the entry of new partners . This gave a boost to the development of the project Araknia now rea …
  D12 - Araknia Project - Open Plotter -

ArcheoDigitalDesign borns in order to improve the use and knowledge of cultural heritage thanks to analysis tools, data processing, 3D modeling, 3D printing and …
  F16 - Design for Craft

Arduino is an open-source computer hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures microcontroller-based kits for buildi …

Valerio Bocci (Team Leader), Giacomo Chiodi, Francesco Iacoangeli, Massimo Nuccetelli, Luig Recchia
The necessity to use Photo Multipliers (PM) as light detector limited in the past the use of crystals in radiation handled device preferring the Geiger approach …

FieldEffect Labs
Armstrong Glove is an interactive glove that detects hand movements with 8 degrees of freedom: 3-axis accelerations, 3-axis rotations, and the movement of two f …

This project consists in the creation of a musical instrument, in this particular case a laser harp with small and cheap lasers, Arduino as control and a sound …
  V6 - Arpa laser e sistema integrato di sicurezza per droni

Giovanni Trapella
This project is designed for the safety and visibility of cyclists and motorcyclists . It 's made with two Arduino boards and two wireless modules . A board wit …

Gyro is an affordable and customizable robotic platform. Can be used as a gadget, educational toy or learning platform. The PCB includes gyroscope, acceloromet …
  K7 - ArticaCC - Gyro | Visualino

Reon Studio / Claudio Bianchi
Arwald is an autonomous video system on cable developed for a GoPro usage. The System has been developed to record time-lapse videos. Furthermore it can be used …
  W11 - ARWALD - Sistema di ripresa foto e video su cavo autonomo e programmabile.

science books and games
  U20 - asSAGGI

Associazione Formaggi Storici della Campagna Romana
The leading products of the Association are definitely the Columella Caciofiore and Hand-pressed cheese. Starting from the study of ancient texts (specifically …
  B12 - Consorzio Olivicoltori - Associazioni Formaggi Storici

At the heart of the Maker Community, Atmel helps Makers get from the lab to the fab. The company is a leader in developing microcontrollers, touch solutions, se …

atom II is small and cute you can't really but love him . Since his inception in 2013, he has provided more and more pleasure and fun . in short one day he will …
  R4 - ATOM II

AURAT-I.I.S. "C.Facchinetti"
AURAT it's a team of students that make a robotics shows. Our strength is the team work that it allowed us to grow up,our passion has involved our hosts subject …
  C13 - AURAT

Roberto Benetti
A photovoltaic system is both awesome and unpredictable. Your energy bill is not so unpredictable and definitely not that awesome. Upgrade your hot shower to th …

Classe IVA Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Aldo Moro Passo Corese, Rieti
The project implements an automated system to monitor and optimize the garbage collection. An Ultrasonic ranging module HC - SR04connected to Arduino Yun, allow …
  C18 - Automazione e Ambiente

Daniele Ingrassia
We are by now invaded by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They spread everywhere and for whatever kind of use, from taking an aerial video of a party to flying over a …
  Y12 - Autonomous Assembly aVOIding Drone

Awesome Shield UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Once you write code that brings hardware to life, you suddenly realize the world is literally at your fingertips, and anything is possible. With pre-assembled h …

BABELINO is a night lamp for children which, by means of an integrated MP3 player, tells stories in foreign languages that can easily be downloaded from the int …

Alvaro Passeri
We hear a music jurassic park, from the egg out of the noise, then it cracks, and slowly begins to break a Baby Velociraptor, looks around with attitude frighte …

Liceo S.S. "E.Fermi"
The project brings pediatric robotics in the hospital. This is a highly innovative program because there is no similar use of NAO with children in hospital. NAO …
  C15 - Baby Goldrake

Guglielmo Lisi
Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized b …

Banca IFIS Group is the only independent banking group in Italy specialized in the sector of trade receivables, non-performing financial loans and tax receivabl …
  K1 -

Bare Conductive
At Bare Conductive we develop materials, hardware and kits for you to get creative with electronics. Come to our stand for a chance to play with paper pianos, …
  G33 - Bare Conductive - Paint sensors and get creative with Electronics!

Roland DG
The solution is made by using of a Roland printer designed to print on the plane by UV technology by colors which, through a modification applied by Slic3r, ret …
  A7 - Roland DG

BEEVERYCREATIVE is a Portuguese startup that develops and sells desktop 3D printers and aims to be among the top players of this industry. At the end of 2013, t …

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda
Information technology evolves at a dizzying pace and is often complicated and stressful to control all the electronic devices that surround us. So, new User In …
  O4 - BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

Francesca Colonia e Giulia Nicolai di Betterpress
Betterpress is the name of our studio of traditional printing with movable type in Rome. It’s also the name of the research project that we carry out th …
  V16 - BetterPress

Fab Lab Toscana
We dream about machines having a personality. We dream about a robotic painter that adds some personal touch to each of his paintings. That's what Bipolar graph …

Hubout Makers Lab
Biblioduino is culturale project. It is a kit designed to be lent in the public library and it consists of an Arduino board and various components (LED, sensors …
  U31 - Hubout Makers Lab

PaLEoS snc - Dr. Stefano Dominici
PaLEoS in collaboration with Geology and Paleontology Division of the Natural History Museum of Florence, proposes a project about scanning and 3D printing tech …

HERE IoT Forum
Many of us at HERE are makers at heart. A few of us decided to create a side project called the Bike Navigation. This is a companion device to a phone designed …

Giovanni Alli, Sergio Savaresi, Ivo Boniolo, Paolo Lisanti
BIKE+ all in one is an innovative electric powertrain that allows you to save up to 40% of the oxygen with no needs to charge the batteries, thanks to a patente …

CLASSE 4° ITI - IIS VOLTA DI NUORO prof Gianfranco TORE docente di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica
The vinification machine BINUBONU2013 is exploited in wine cellars for the automated analysis of red wines fermentation in micro vinification and quality vinifi …
  C8 - BINUBONU 2013

Giulio Romeo, Pasquale Careddu
The Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium is a special tank for aquaculture, designed to be placed outdoors in way to optimize opportunity of natural light while minimizin …
  J7 - Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium

Associazione Roma Makers
The BioHack Lab is the first biohacking laboratory made in an Italian FabLab. The project was born as a result of the first edition of the Italian BioHack Acade …

Renato Reggiani
BioPic is a layered LED organic vegetable garden for your home. And here is how it works: You receive a container with soil and a specific paper that contains o …
  B24 - BioPic "Your little garden in the big city" - Orto a LED in Kit

Alessandro Zampieri con Fablab Roma Makers
"Open Sorso" is an open source project involved in craft beer making, that aim to diffuse open source recipes, an open source DIY digital kit to control and pro …
  B32 - Birra "Open Sorso"

Hugo Plácido da Silva
Out-of-the-box, BITalino includes easy to use software & hardware blocks with sensors for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activ …

3D printer made ​​entirely in Italy ! Developed by us is the mechanical and electronic parts . Electronic card with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 F process …

BNL, con oltre 100 anni di attività, è uno dei principali gruppi bancari italiani e tra i più noti brand in Italia. Con circa 1000 punti vendita su tut …
  G3 -

Mauro Cerelli
BoardOne is a multicore development system @ at 80 Mhz clock. Can execute multitasking applications using shared hardware resources (memory, pins). The CPU have …

Open BioMedical Initiative
BOB is an open source, low cost and 3D printable neonatal incubator. It increases the accessibility to a life-saving technology in the several World areas where …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

Adam James Cavallari, Andrea Alessandi, Pietro Paolo Rimonti
bPhone U10: the first cellphone specifically designed for children and their parents. In today’s world, where technology is everywhere and communication …
  U30 - bPhone U10. Il primo telefonino di sicurezza pensato per te e per i tuoi bambini.

Marisa Liuzzi
Bussola Creazioni it's a project of Marisa Liuzzi, a 32 years old maker from Acquaviva delle Fonti, a small Apulian town. After her studies in History of Arts s …
  X2 - Bussola creazioni: between tradition and modernity

the Spacetrip
Buzzi Space Trip is a school project made by a group of students that are in the 5th class of the information technology address of the ITS Tullio Buzzi in Prat …
  C30 - Buzzi Space Trip - Un'avventura spaziale

Thomas Brusati
www.byomusic.it is the first italian website for custom and handmade musical instruments. A musician (or anyone who wants to create a custom instrument) can go …
  V20 - ByoMusic

Riccardo Ricci, Andrea Mazza
Byxee is an advanced vision system device that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detects hazards and irregularities on the road before you get there. By …
  J23 - Byxee - the first smart active safety device for bikes

Antonio Gelfusa
It is a device that, in case of obstruction of the grid of the manhole, allows it to open up, automatically, to allow water into the sewer system. The invention …

Home of the popular PCB Design Software EAGLE, established in 1988 in Germany. EAGLE offers 3 modules on one common interface (Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, …
  Y3 -

Cambiami comes from an idea by Studio D’Arc (Desperate Architects Rome City), an architecture and design practice founded in Rome in 2007 by Rosa Topputo …
  D10 - Cambiami

Media Direct, with more than 7,700 schools and 800 universities served in Italy, is a leader in the education sector since more than 20 years. With the CampuSto …

Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine …

renato corrente
our company produces chickpeas and olive cicerale Salella dented the Cilento also fig of Cilento
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

ELIS è una realtà educativa non profit che ha al suo centro la persona e il lavoro, con le sue attività propone la professionalità come servizio al …

Marco Raggi, Davide Clocchiatti, Matteo Crispo, Diego Mestroni, Fabio Pirioni
Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of …
  F17 - Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia

Bosatta Stefano, Bosatta Silvio, Davie Coira, Furio Bellorofonte, Michele Sancassani
Inspiration, passion and 20 years of experience are the key ingredients behind project “SteSil Bike”. Our skills in matter of 3D design and high-pr …

Mirco Piccin, Gloria Spagnolo, Chiara Piccin, Emma Piccin, Enrico Piccin aka "The Pignolo Gang"
Choc-o-mat is a kit to convert a standard RepRap 3d printer, into a system for decorate or print with creams. In the kit there are 2 peristaltic pumps, used to …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

Team Officucina - Francesco Bombardi
The Food Innovation Program and Acetaia San Giacomo are bringing a new food experience to the “Contaminazioni” area of Maker Fair-Rome. We’ll …
  Faceto - kit for home production of vinegar - Acetaia San Giacomo

Conny's Kreations
La continua ricerca di innovazione in una tecnica classica e antica come le vetrate delle cattedrali e delle lampade Tiffany, mi porta a sperimentare sempre nuo …
  D18 - Circuiti Tiffany

CircuitMaker is a powerful electronics CAD (schematic and PCB design) software from Altium, built for makers. Octopart is a powerful component search engine tha …
  J28 -

Cisco è leader mondiale nelle tecnologie che trasformano il modo con cui le persone si connettono, comunicano e collaborano, attraverso reti intelligenti e a …

ITI "MEDI" - San Giorgio a Cremano
How many times have knocked on the door and you were not in the house? This intercom is connected to your phone alerting you that someone is looking for you. Al …
  C19 - Citofono intelligente

CITROËN harnesses creative flair and technology to enhance well-being. Since 1919, CITROËN has made a major contribution to putting cars within reach o …

Hans Jørgen Grimstad
The CityBeest is a 20 legged walking robot, inspired by the works of Theo Jansen. Instead of using Jansen's 11 magic numbers, a genetic algorithm and simulatio …
  R8 - CityBeest

CNA, the National Confederation of the Craft Sector and Small and Medium Enterprises, has been representing and protecting the interests of craft companies, SME …

Paolo Bonelli, Domenico Cardinale, Mauro Alfieri, gruppo FB: CoScienza Ambientale
Co-Scienza Ambientale has the purpose to design and build low cost instruments that can monitor water environment and alert to pollution events. Two instrume …
  Z8 - Co-Scienza Ambientale: strumenti per il monitoraggio degli ambienti acquatici

Technology is the foundation of our life, what we want to do is to teach students to "make technology" and not just to use it. In our courses we teach with tech …
  U10 - Codemotion Kids

Gloria Spagnolo, Emma Piccin, Tiziano Maffione
Colorize is an interactive installation that allows to learn (by playing) how Arduino, conductive paint, capacitive sensor and RGB led strip work: all the elect …
  U24 - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto + Treviso Arduino User Group

WASProject Team
Vertical Cultivation

Giorgia Pontetti
Ferrari Farm has created an automatic hydroponic plant in sterile and hermetic greenhouses of new generation, unique in their kind; to do this we have put toget …
  B3 - Coltivazioni Idroponiche in serre ermetiche sterili

Oliver Astrologo, Marcello Ridolfi, Fabian McDonald
Coltiverra, a revolution in agriculture that allows anyone to grow their own food online. A new service which lets users manage and monitor their own plot of la …
  B6 - Coltiverra

Bormioli Luigi
Beverage producers could discover the perfect glass for their products.
  B21 - Come cambia l’aroma il bicchiere?

Marco (fancy name) is an autistic boy who attends our school, the IPSIA "F. Corridoni" in Corridonia (MC). Marco cannot speak and cannot even use the I-Pad b …
  C31 - Comunicatore per ragazzi autistici

CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium CONAI is a private system, created and designed by companies: with more than 1,000,000 members, between packaging prod …

Troy Nachitgall
If we can control the spin on the yarns and threads we use to make knits and woven cloth can we make a more dynamic cloth, shirt or pair of pants? The Conducti …
  X6 - ONEDAY make your own sneakers

A path of contamination between products of traditional and innovative approach of the contemporary makers. Contaminazioni creates new generations of technologi …

Luca Bernacchia, Massimo Vagnoni
Control of Things (COT) is a project that allows you to control the home automation devices from local or from internet. These devices are designed to interroga …
  P44 - Control of Things (COT)

Libelium’s education and open source hardware division, is dedicated to making electronics affordable, easy to learn and fun. Cooking Hacks serves a worl …
  G4 -

Dhruv Saxena, Sagar GV
The number of pressure cooker whistles blown is often a good indicator of amount of cooking done. However, most users have a hard time keeping track of the numb …
  B30 - Cookoo - Pressure Cooking Made Easy

Prototype-Factory, Robotfactory
Copperface is a galvanic cell, easy to use to coat the 3D printed objects surfaces with metal, This for aesthetic or functional needs. The metallisation proces …

Mario Mazzullo - Fablab Imola
This system consists of a swarm of cooperating robots for environmental monitoring and data acquisition (humidity, temperature, gas, dust, etc.) in confined are …
  P64 - Fablab Imola - Robotware - Archidron

Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Cromo" is a armchair design, the first born project in our FabLab project (and vice versa). It 's a chair with rounded shapes that has the distinction of bein …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

We're hosting our members projects

Simone Carcone, Alessandro Borelli
CubeCode is a tool that allows to learn code without using a computer, with all the possibilities of a real programming language. This is possible because we id …

Andrea Sartori, Stefano Lascialfari, Massimo Cicorella, Livio Talozzi
Cubotto eÌ€ un oggetto dal design ergonomico, che consente l’ utilizzo della videochiamata a persone che hanno difficoltaÌ€ con la tecnologia digit …

alessio gismondi, luciano bianchi
' cuoresolitario 2.0 ' is a reimagined in dresser's current realized in 2000 and designed by alessio gismondi and giuseppe cerasoli, what was a simple piece of …
  P35 - con_tatto

Andrea Navarini, Filippo Miserocchi
Cuprintha borns from the meeting of an artisan and a maker. This project aims to find a common insterest between the classic handicraft and the 3D printing. On …

Marco Baruzzo
The idea of this project is to improve the 3D printing FFF tecnique modifying the printing angle between the printers vertical axis and the gravity axis; with t …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Lupi Paola e Luigi Merz
Casale dei Pozzi's bouillon cube with Antioxy- oleum is the first product in the world to include the concentrate of the olive's vegetation waters (a by- produc …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Rainerum Robotics Team
The Rainerum Robotics Team for years develops drones. He is testing for filming and 3D reconstruction via camera and a special sensor. In the past, the kids hav …
  U4 - Dai droni al 3D

Sergio Gotti
Sergio Gotti offers a reading of a more recent, linking directly to the art of Ceroli, joining together the Arte Povera made with the craftsmanship of skilled c …
  V11 - Dal cartone all'opera d'arte

Bottega SPA
Se l’innovazione è mettere insieme elementi esistenti per produrre qualcosa di nuovo alfine di soddisfare un bisogno, nel campo delle bevande alcolich …
  B22 - Dal vestito al contenuto: innovazione a 360°.

I.I.S. "C. Rosatelli" di Rieti
Project work : "From the attic to the lab", created by IIS "C. Rosatelli . It is about the reuse of old toys, that digital natives account as uninteresting, …
  C23 - Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

Hackspace Catania
" DART " it's an Open Hardware Midi Controller , based on Arduino . Designed by hackspace Catania it is addressed to the world of musicians , DJs , producers , …
  G27 - Dart - Open Hardware midi controller

DEDALOS is a GNSS innovative system for static geo-physical and static monitoring; it is single frequency and low-cost. DEDALOS is useful for landslide monitori …
  I6 - DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)

Krizia Mariani e Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Design aPeso" is a collection of products that can be made with the technologies available in the FabLabs. They are objects that can be bought to weight and yo …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Team di ricerca DigiFABturing
Durante la Maker Faire Rome di quest'anno presenteremo l'esperienza del cluster di ricerca DigiFABturing che, all'interno del Fablab Torino ha iniziato una sper …
  Y7 - Fablab Torino

Giulio Limongelli
I am an Artisan Photographer from 1985 and I want my work to stay artisanal. I modified an anolag enlarger to digital . I called it DIGINGRANDITORE and so I ca …

Sara Savian and Claudia Scarpa @ Wemake
Digital Fashion is a fashion design project that teaches you how to design, modify and adapt decorative patterns to different clothing designs. DF integrates cr …

DiScienza is a non-profit organization that operates in the field of scientific communication with the objective to develop and spread knowledge of science and …
  U21 - DiScienza

Fiorella Bonifacio + Smontatori
“Dismantle the TV and turn on an idea” is a creative manifestation against trash TV. It was born to make television audience develop a critical sens …
  Smonta il televisore - Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

Colaborativa.eu & Fab Lab Limerick
For the last two years Colaborativa.eu and Fab Lab Limerick have been developing an open-source, low cost and digitally fabricated geodesic dome system. We want …
  Geodesic Pavillion - Domenico.cc Geodesic Pavilion

Matteo Petrangeli e Leonardo pace. Appartenenti al FabLab dell'itis M.Faraday
The project that we will bring is Domopet, an automated kennel for our animals. The microcontroller will distribute food and water to the animal during certain …

Hackerspace Trento
We built a radically new home automation system which not only builds a thermal model of your home, but also can be controlled reliably with just your voice.
  P71 - semplicemente innovativo

Dr-Jack's Team
How it works Dr-Jack connects to all devices, such as smartphones and tablet and with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), through the headphone jack and …

Pier Calderan
Drone equipped with propellers for underwater navigation. Equipped with camera can also be controlled from the surface. Can make beautiful underwater videoclips …
  Z3 - Drone robot subacqueo (aquabot)

What is a drone? How does it work and it's hard to fly? We built a space to answer these questions, and allow anyone to experience the thrill of flying and driv …
  Drones for Kids - Drones for Kids

ITI-LS "Francesco Giordani" Caserta - Trasporti e Logistica, costruzione del mezzo: aereo. Il gruppo è stato coordinato dal Prof. Francesco Colussi e dall' A.T. Alessandro Giliberti.
The drones disposable , designed and manufactured in our Technical Institute by the pupils of specialization construction of the medium : air , unmanned aircraf …
  C28 - Droni monouso per missioni umanitarie

Prof Daniele Pauletto
Multicopters equipped drones as speakers that can create different applications, such as Guides experienced in our city (Castelfranco Veneto Italy). The drones …

DWS® is the only Italian company capable of developing systems for prototyping and rapid production through implementation of stereolithography technology, w …
  R11 -

Massi Mario e FabLab Pesaro
Eco dog is a mechanical tool to collect dog droppings. It is a patented tool that performs its function allowing the user to collect the excrement in a hygienic …
  D6 - Eco dog: un raccogli "pupù" per il tuo cane

Team Efesti
Efesti.com is an e-commerce portal, a window that, thanks to the web, faces directly the stores of the “artists” of craftsmanship. From these unique …
  X4 - Efesti - Art Makers Store

A new concept of interior design auto-production. High level of personalization. Coordinate series of furniture objects that wears the multifarious aspects of n …

Conrad Electronic Since 1923 the leading German Conrad is renowned for its cutting-edge electronics and service. With over 4000 employees Conrad operates in 17 …

Marco Lattanzi Antinori - Emiliano Diaferia
Our work, even if it alludes to the concept of RE-functionalization, is very different from it: we don’t want to recycle a product finding a possible new …
  P27 - Elettroevoluzione

A Blog & Magazine about electronics design and new technology for electronics engineers and makers
  F8 -

Solutions for human resource management, access control and distribution of information to the public
  J6 -

Fabrizia Petrillo, Federica Massi, Cristina Reggioli
Born in November 2010 as an experimental project about laser cutting on acrylic sheets, it grows thanks to the enthusiasm of its creators, a team of femal …
  D17 - En=Joy Gioielli


Eni is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas. Eni …
  O23 -

Marco Valsecchi, Chiara Valsecchi
Area Tecno S.r.l. is a young and dynamic Company that designs and build fitness and recreational equipment that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The …
  O22 - Equimoveo

Ewe Industries
Era3DPrinter is Ewe Industries' brand new FFF delta printer, ready to use with no need to assemble anything. Era is suitable for newbie as well as for experienc …
  F5 - Ewe Industries

D'arc.studio (Alessio Tommasetti Rosa Topputo) Maurizio Giovannoni Marco Serra
From the concept of digital design to real product in 3d printing The concept of beauty applied to the design of industrial products ranging from fashion desig …
  O2 - Estetica dalla moda alla prostetica

EUMAKERS, started in early 2014, is a PLA filament manufacturer (available in more than 60 colors) and provides 3D printers, 3D scanners and all the related pri …

Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers of prototype and small batch PCBs. We are dedicated to providing a PCB service that will help PCB designers bring thei …
  Y4 -

Carlo Emiliano e Caterina Boschetto - Carlo Boschetto & Sons
Escape from skyscrapers
  P10 - Evacuazione di grattacieli “Safely to ground”.

Ewe Industries
Ewe Filament Extruder is a tools that allows you to transform plastic pellets and other raw materials in plastic filament. The responsible use of materials used …
  F5 - Ewe Industries

Extrudr - Johannes Früh, Marco Deapoli, Moritz Begle
We are a small start up located in the western part of Austria called Extrudr. Extrudrs goal is to develop and produce high quality filaments made in the europ …

Eyezlab goal is to let anyone design 3D printed fashion eyewear. Through our free app you can design your own unique frames, choose the lenses, try on and share …
  D9 - Eyezlab - 3D printed fashion eyewear

Giacomo Falaschi
Fa)(a is a modular and scalable printer, able to print any material and entirely customizable in every single aspect. It is the first Open Source 3d printer usi …
  A33 - RepRap Italia

Fab Economy
Fab Economy Exhibit, collects interesting final projects from Fab Academy students, products made in Fab Labs with a global design / local production approach, …

Anastasia Pistofidou
FAB TEXTILES questions the way fashion industry and education have transformed our life in prototypical and excessively accelerated manner. Inside a triggering …

Green Tales and Hacklab Terni
Fablab Radio is an Open Source wifi radio realized with parts printed in 3D and cutted with laser cut. The main component is a Raspberry Pi, with program Python …
  V14 - Green Tales - Alessandro Capati

Community Fablab Torino
Il nostro laboratorio nell’ultimo anno ha visto nascere al suo interno diverse realtà che rappresentano le diverse sfaccettature e caratteri di un lab …
  Y7 - Fablab Torino

Open BioMedical Initiative
FABLE is a myoelectric prosthesis intended for persons with upper limb amputation or genetic malformation. Open Source, 3D printed and low cost, it aims to mix …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

Marco Rizzuto, Giovanni Grieco
The FABtotum is an all-in-one Personal Fabricator. It is capable of 3d-printing plastic objects using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). When a different materia …

Andrea Bezzecchi - Fab Lab Reggio Emilia
Acetaia San Giacomo from many year seduces friends and customers with the Reggio Emilia Traditional Balsamic Vinegar PDO, the artisanal wine vinegar and other p …
  Faceto - kit for home production of vinegar - Acetaia San Giacomo

FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace
The Pasta Code is a fun way to re-interpret the Morse code using current day technologies, incorporating our love for pasta and at the same time making fun of I …
  B31 - FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace - The Pasta Code

Sune Pedersen
Faraday Motion is an open modular platform for creating high tech compact electric vehicles. We have released a research vehicle that demonstrates our technolog …
  P22 - Faraday Motion

Premier Farnell plc is a high-service distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair in Europe, the Ameri …

C.F.P. Centromoda Canossa
Fashion captures the challenge of the future . How will be the clothes of the future? What are they going to do? Everyday at CMC we try to give the answer
  C2 - Fashion FabLab

JeS-Titanium Design is an Italian brand borns in 2011. Inspired from traditional application of titanium in aeronautical and racing the jewel becomes a geometr …
  D20 - Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio

Yes, we are a filament manufacturer… but we like to think of ourselves as the people who can color your imagination and spring a new life into your 3D pri …
  F1 -

Collettivo Cocomeri
Open source self-constructible extruder, designed for domestic use and for FabLab. It can extrude PLA, ABS and even PET. The purpose of the project is to enabl …

Marek Senicky
FilaMaker is project which main target is plastic recycling. It have two main parts : smallest most powerful hand driven shredders and world wide fastest full m …

Luciana Ciceri - Antonio Berera
FILOALFA is an innovative product of Ciceri De Mondel, founded in 1917 and on the plastics market as a producer of extruded sheets in PST, ABS and SAN for over …
  F12 - FILOALFA by Ciceri de Mondel

Alvaro Passeri
The magic accordion, is able to open and close, take their keys and play alone, as if there was an invisible man behind him. And is able to play any piece of mu …

Pellegrino Cucciniello
Folding Pets is a family of 3D puzzles in the form of assembly kits. Each kit is composed of printed sheets of colored paper with the shapes of the puzzle piece …
  U32 - Folding Pets

Alessandro Capati
The most important features is: you have to build up it. FOLIO has UNI sizes (A4, A5, B3), recognizable and sim- ply to ship and deliver. The material is plywo …
  V14 - Green Tales - Alessandro Capati

Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Fondazione Mondo Digitale presents, as a results of its work, the Phyrtual InnovationGym, a physical-virtual environment for innovation and lifelong learning. I …
  U19 - Fondazione Mondo Digitale

ARM - Azienda Romana Mercati
Circa 20 imprese italiane presenteranno i loro prodotti innovativi per caratteristiche funzionali, per soluzioni di sostenibilità ambientale, per innovazione …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Paolo Bertucci, Marco Pucci
Footsense is an application that uses Arduino in sport and therapeutic fields. The idea is to provide trainers and physicians with an instrument to analyse perf …

FabLab Sardegna Ricerche ( Sandra Ennas, Fabrizio Sotgiu, Luisa Chessa, Sonia Floris, Simona Sestu, Aldo Diana)
"For kids" project aims to the realization of doctors' waiting room interior design and toys to make this usually stressful environment funny and confortable fo …
  U1 - FabLab Sardegna Ricerche

Alessandro Varesano, Marta Carusi, Enrico Grillo
With the sun it is possible to cook very well if the over is done very well! Everyone can build it with our suggestions, or take one of our kit or to buy a fini …
  B29 - Forni solari e cucina solare

Team FreaKontrol: Thomas A. Deponte, Maurizio Coccoluto, Axel Piapan.
In questa edizione della MakerFaire Rome viene presentata una nuova scheda di controllo denominata Neo 1.1. La scheda aggiornata e collaudata consente di pilota …

Jaron Lee Jia Wen, Brandon Chen
Freedom aims to provide a convenient yet portable way of commuting in an urban environment. Although there are other options available in the market such as the …
  Z9 - Singapore University of Technology and Design

Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) enables secure, embedded processing solutions for the Internet of Tomorrow. Freescale’s solutions drive a more innovat …

Tipoteca Italiana e Lino's Type
Il Fregio Mecano è un carattere molto particolare nella storia della Tipografia. Si tratta infatti di una soluzione modulare in cui la combinazione dei diver …
  Fregio mecano (digital) resurrection

classe 5 BT, I.I.S. Marconi Dalmine
The Fresh Box is the project of an appliance designed to extend the shelf life of food through two technologies : refrigeration and partial vacuum . The applian …
  C9 - Fresh Box

For over 20 years, Futura Group srl has represented a landmark in the Italian electronic scene. The company’s products - from electronic kits to more sop …

FieldEffect Labs
A mirror with a number of features that accompany waking in the morning. While brushing your teeth, you can read the latest news, watch the weather and check yo …

Alessandro Francescon
From Wikipedia: "A social robot is an autonomous robot that interacts and communicates with humans or other autonomous physical agents by following social beha …
  K14 - Geduino, the Autonomous Social Robot

Associazione LOfficina - Riccardo Vittorietti - Stefania Ferroni
The Van de Graaff electrostatic generator is made entirely from LOfficina. It is a reproduction of an electrostatic generator 1929. The electrostatic generator …
  V33 - Scienza interattiva

Associazione LOfficina - Riccardo Vittorietti - Stefania Ferroni
LOfficina deals with the design and construction and maintenance of scientific instruments including electrostatic generators. The Wimshurst electrostatic gener …
  V33 - Scienza interattiva

  Genuino -

Genzyme has pioneered the development and delivery of transformative therapies for over 30 years. Founded in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts, Genzyme evolved from …

SPEEDY BOARD: electronic control board for 3D printers. The fastest and most powerful in the world! Technical features: -180MHz ARM Cortex M4 controller with FP …
  A5 -

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising ha …

Gr-in Team
Gr-in House is an Arduino based greenhouse. The user is able to control, air humidity and air temperature, soil humidity, light brightness. The greenhouse also …
  P60 - Gr-in House

Taslim Owonikoko
BIG PERENNIAL MAL-ODOR PROBLEM IN LEATHER PROCESSIING SOLVED IN MINUTES The fouling of environment, excessive water use and threat to workforce are the underl …
  N5 - Greening Leather

Mastro Gippo
This small, open source board makes cricket sounds at random intervals and can be hidden in your friends house as a practical joke.
  S8 - Crunchlab

Grinding Project was founded in 2013 to produce design objects developed from used engine components It was developed applying and experimenting social responsi …

Gruppo RepRap Italia
RepRap is about making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone. 3D Printing is now starting to reach every home …

Mattia Ciurnelli
My project was born during my training course at Fab Academy project in 2015. I tried to include as much as possible of what I learned and learned in the five m …

Hackerbot 3D printer is based on Ultimaker design and on various RepRap parts. It was build using a lot of aluminium parts, chromed shafts, a reliable DD1 extr …

Frank Andre
The Hacklace is an electronic trinket, which conveys your personal message in an individual and original way. The Arduino-compatible microcomputer has a luminou …

Biancamaria Marchioro
When you build a 3D printer the first things that you'll print are cubes. You need them to understand if the machine is calibrated. My first results were more o …
  D21 - Handcraft porcelain jewels from 3D print

Giorgia Sperandio
Hands(H)ome would be an opensource and low cost alternative for the home management and household consumption monitoring. It is an accessible, simple and intuit …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Siobhán ní Chofaigh
It's about surface mount assembly on printed circuit boards. Using a simple flip flop PCB, a toaster oven and a reflow controller you assemble components and cr …
  U29 - Hardie Kids - Surface Mount Assembly made real easy!

Andrea, Leonardo, Valerio
V-Slot are revolutionary linear motion system, with v-slot system the guides become the structure of machine. is a simple but innovative system, aluminum profil …
  R9 - hardware meccanico per makers

Marco Fabbri e Nicola Bellon
Herby cuts the grass autonomously and automatically. It requires no help or assistance; it operates according to programmed work intervals, alternating cutting …

Cesare Pizzi
Problem: I have two dogs. When we go hiking outdoor, sometimes I leave them without leash. I'm always worried about loosing them. I know there are plenty of tra …

Flavio Mastracci
With Homegrown RC the user will have the opportunity of self build radio controlled vehicles like cars, boats or airplanes starting from a library of parts a …
  U26 - Homegrown RC

Fabio Romoli
An object of design, born from the personal story and passion of the maker and the history of electronic analog technologies, mixed up with the actual digital …
  L5 - HORGONIC a fusion of art and technolgy

La House of Drones è la grande novità di quest'anno alla Maker Faire. Per la prima volta, in una grande area chiusa e protetta, piloti professionisti e pe …

Luca Randazzo, Roberto Rossi
Hubotics is a low-cost wearable actuated exoskeleton for at-home elbow rehabilitation of motor disabled people. The project is addressed to patients who need co …

Tanned's Group
It presents the project of a robotic arm capable of reproducing the movements of a human limb. The movements of the human arm are detected by means of three acc …
  R6 - Hypertrophic Arm

Gruppo collezionisti I-TELEX
The TELEX service: how it worked, how we bring it back to life in today's internet era with some extra features, like to send an email to a teleprinter and chat …

IIS Volterra-Elia Ancona Davide Carboni, Alessandro Carra
iBin: automatic bin for separate waste collection that can facilitate it for older and disable people and any other user. iBin is characterize by 2 cylindrical …
  C1 - iBin


A major player in the Information Technology industry, IBM has marked the 104-year anniversary of its founding in 2011. During its long history, the company has …

For more than forty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visu …
  D23 -

Michele Sorgi, Enrico Maria Castaldo, Giacomo Salvemme, Gianlorenzo Sabatini, Lorenzo Martini, Mattia Olcuire, Francesco Mariotti.
"Il Bolide della Spesa" consists in creating a shopping cart motorized. To give life to the realization we used dismissed components. Its stability, because of …
  P21 - Il Bolide della Spesa

Giancarlo Pellis
Three systems to determine the center of the knee are presented; the first based on the study of the trajectory of the leg in flexion-extension through a "robot …
  O6 - Il centro di rotazione del ginocchio

Traditional recipes created with innovative equipments
  B36 - Area macchinari

Cultivate and reclaim the land of their fathers , bring them back to be productive and a source of income , thanks to the favorable position of the place and th …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

paola volpi
Contamination Contemporary jewelery makes use of non precious materials, and materials originally intended for other uses, all of which enhances its conceptual …
  il gioiello e la stampa 3D , la trasformazione dei materiali

  Il Messaggero -

Alvaro Passeri
The Parrot robot is about 90 cm high, on a pedestal, can answer my case of applications, to imitate animals, singing and dancing, while I accompany with the pia …

Daniela Donigaglia, Davide Dalfiume
The Flux Capacitor is a multifilament extruder made for the 3D printers. It allows to use up to 4 materials on the same printing with a single hotend, in that w …
  A33 - RepRap Italia

Loic De Buck
Industruino is a robust DIN-Rail mountable Leonardo compatible industrial controller with LCD. It lets you take your existing Arduino projects and swiftly trans …

IngDan is an online and offline platform focusing on the hardware innovation sector. The platform provides information of hardware innovation, knowledge of the …

Gael Langevin and Greg Perry
InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot. Replicable on any home 3D printer with a 12cm3 area, it is conceived as a development platform for U …

Giangiacomo Prunotto
Instatwin is a new Millenium Portrait Platform for the realization and marketing of mini figurines from Body scanning. Exactly copy of yourself,3D printed in co …

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the w …

Innovative system that allows people with hearing problems to be notified about noises of everyday life, thanks to a patch placed on the sound sources able to d …
  O20 - IntendiMe

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor

Mattia Fabrizi (laureando), Tommaso Empler (relatore)
This installation is designed to improve Cultural Heritage communication through an interactive experience. The user, simply pointing out parts of the object of …

@tamberg, @dr_m_kroll and other @iotzh members
The Internet of Things is quite a hype. We believe in bottom-up innovation of Internet-connected products and try to critically explore this new technology with …
  G38 - Internet of Things Zürich Showcase

Marco Bestonzo, Dario Trimarchi
INTOINO KITS are plug&play DIY educational KIT to rapid prototype I.o.T. projects without coding or soldering. Perfect to learn IoT in a fun and easy way!! The …
  U22 - INTOINO: impara a programmare con un KIT!

Invitalia is the Government Agency for inward investment and economic development, aimed at increasing the country’s competitiveness, particularly in sou …
  K16 -

Sfera Labs
iono is a general-purpose, professional input/output DIN-rail module, CE compliant, based on a standard Arduino. iono allows you to use your Arduino programming …

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) collects into a single institution all the major italian scientific research centers about geophysics and …

Italia Lavoro è l’agenzia tecnica del Ministero del lavoro e delle politiche sociali. Promuove e gestisce progetti nel campo delle politiche del lavor …
  L11 -

iTòch – un tòch da legn/a piece of wood What is it? iTòch is a natural sound system amplifier, optimized for iPhone. It works without any batt …
  F6 - iTòch acoustic amplifier

Gruppo 4, ITS Meccatronico Vicenza
What we decided to do is an economic version of the "Segway". We totally built the veicle from zero, beginning from an alluminium chassis and a couple of scoote …
  C27 - ITS-Way

Carmen Ionescu
ITSPHUN is a system of geometric shapes made of plastic, wood, paper, foam, etc. It can be combined in endless ways to make wonderful and colourful creations at …

ITSPHUN is a system of geometric shapes (made of plastic, wood, paper, etc.) that can be combined in endless ways to make wonderful and colorful creations. Thi …
  U34 - ITSPHUN Geometric Art

Chiara Pierucci
KEI KEI is not only a creative studio. It aspires to be a sustainable approach to the environment around us and a simple, hones and optimistic way of life. The …

3d printing and laser cutting
  A10 - Kentstrapper - stampanti 3d

Alunno Camelia Elio, Lucchesi Federico, Borelli Alessandro, Riccardo Amadio,Riccardo Chiaraluce
The project that we want to present is an accessory for smartphones . It is a Braille keyboard to be used on the back of the phone, so that people who are blind …

Fabio Rapanelli
KidsPad is an interactive device for children , to learn about the digital world . Thanks to a basic and functional modules , such as the battery , input device …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

One Love Machine Band
I will bring an art exhibition in which i show moving sculptures made from scrapmetal. Its an exhibition with action - so i call it "Actionbition". In my Action …
  One Love Machine Ban - Kolja Kugler

Giuseppe Manzone, Paolo Toldo, Roberto Toldo
Koperfil is an extruder suitable for those who need to produce much 3D filament in a short time. With its two independent extruders, it can produce at least 2kg …
  F3 - Koperfil - the plastic maker

Scuola IIS Ettore Majorana di Cesano Maderno
KORAA EM15 is a wheeled inspection robot that was created to work in dangerous places as precarious buildings or places where there are gases or toxic and dange …
  C12 - KORAA EM15

DRT designs and produces spare parts for enhancing the performance of legendary motorcycles like Vespa, Lambretta and the likes.

DE.sign creates a line of accessories that reveal a visceral empathy with one material, epoxy resin, and a search into its unexplored aesthetic potential. Every …
  D19 - L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design

I.T.T. "G.Marconi" Campobasso - M@P Group
In recent years (School year 2012/2013) inside the subject denominated Technology,Drawing and Design aimed to the production of a musical band completely robo …
  C7 - L'elettronica in musica - Chitarra robot

La Bona Usanza scarl
La Bona Usanza (the name means "good custom") is a small cooperative society of Marche regional producers who want to bring back to our tables the tastes and fl …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

Leonardo Notaro
Geometric and graphic analysis on the work "METAMORPHOSE" of M.C.Escher by wooden inlay, made possible thanks to CNC equipment.
  W7 - FabLab Cesma

Dimitri Gramenzi: CEO , Rinaldo Grifoni: CFO , Matteo Urbani: COO
Eldar Lab is an Italian start up where an engineering team design products and applications characterized by a revolutionary vision of man-nature relationship. …
  J19 - ATOMO la Tent Tree-House made in Italy

The "sensorial pleasantness" is the starting and arrival point for the comprehension of biodynamical wines in glasses.
  B20 - Vinoi srl

An interdisciplinary exhibition about Light and its scientific and technological applications.

Davide Imperatori
Labduino is proposed as an idea that open source allows anyone to have on hand all the instruments of an electronic laboratory , which both hobbyists or profess …

Desk lamp with LED RGB , with possibility to adjust the color and brightness by remote control and via smartphones . With 2 speakers that reproduce music direct …
  C3 - Lampada Colour Sound Light

Impellizzeri Francesco
It is a device capable of shooting of neodymium magnets without using electric power, chemical or other to the exclusion of the magnetic field. of simple constr …
  K8 - Lanciatore magnetico

FabLab Palermo
The project aims to highlight the relationship (first instance in Italy), recently instituted between Fablab Palermo and the Leroy Merlin Palermo Mondello store …
  P30 - Laser Design personalizzato nella grande distribuzione

Tred Technology srl
In the last year the Tred Technology has concentrated all its forces on innovation, designing and manufacturing INNOVATIVE STRIPPERS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS for medi …
  B36 - Area macchinari

It will be presented products with different percentage of fine cocoa (Criollo and Trinitario) that don't need high roasting temperatures.
  B19 - L’eccellenza del cioccolato tra ricerca dell’origine e l’innovazione di processo

It will be presented italian espresso through different mixtures extracted from a new kind of machine
  B36 - Area macchinari

Angelo Savarino
The LDRM 868 is a long distance radio controller. It is a customizable product which can give a lot of technical solutions in terms of long distances radio iss …
  K5 - LDRM 868 - Long distance radio messenger/actuator (868 Mhz - 6Km)

Miranda Pisione
Why LE GOLOSIZIE DI MIRANDA? “Golosità” means a delicacy, whereas “delizie” means delights. “Golosizie” unites these two …
  B15 - Cosmo di Russo - Le Golosizie di Miranda

Makers and growers, unite! Since 2013, we have been developing Le Petit COOL, an open source greenhouse kit composed by lasercut wood, an Arduino-compatible boa …

Robin Baumgarten
Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler game with a custom wobble controller made out of a door-stopper spring and a five meter long ultrabright LED s …
  U15 - Line Wobbler

Link Campus University in Rome is highly international and innovation oriented. It’s based on an educational method fostering work and placement: 85% of …

Guido Ottaviani
Lino is a robot designed as a development platform to study outdoor navigation and built to participate to Magellan category challenges (autonomous navigation i …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche

Juha Kuusama
The LitePlacer is a pick and Place machine aimed for a prototype building stage. The machine is available as a DIY kit; open source design files and software is …

Alessio Rocchi
I thought that drawing objects with modest prices and sizes was the best thing to make in these critical times but I wanted that would respond to unpublished ne …
  P66 - LOHN_Little Objects for Huge Needs

Giuseppe Airò Farulla, Andrea Bulgarelli, Laura Cappelletti, Marco Indaco, Ludovico O. Russo
The PARLOMA project aims at designing a system for remote communication between deafblind users. The system is able to transfer messages acting as a telephone, …
  O16 - Looqui

Fab Lab Toscana
After last year success for Be Brave, our courage measuring machine which won us a Maker of merit badge, we decided to tackle an even more difficult challenge: …

Diva Tommei, Alessio Paoletti, Mattia Di Stasi
Solenica wants to break the existing paradigm in the residential natural lighting space with "Lucy", the designer robot that illuminates your home with natural …
  P7 - Lucy is a robot that bends sunlight into your Home

Davide Marin
The creators of Lumifold, the first portable and user-friendly DLP 3D printer, became Lumi Industries, a newborn start-up, and are proud to introduce Lumipocket …

First arduino compatible solution for smart led light bulbs control. It includes an Arduino shield, named LYT/WiFi, and a radio controlled RGBW 9W led light bul …

Makeblock is an open-source arduino robot building platform to turn ideas into success. No matter what your ideas are, Makeblock provides various mechanical par …

  Maker TV -

Elena Dall'Antonia
The project involves the design and creation of a low-cost game kit, which can be used as a learning support for sign language (or other languages) for children …

Maind program SUPSI
Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI presents functioning prototypes of products, installations and services realized by the students and alum …
  L4 - Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI

Benjamin R. Gray
MeArm is your robot. It is a small robot arm that comes in a flat pack kit for you to build with nothing but a screwdriver and enthusiasm. MeArm is accessible, …

Fablab Venezia Team
Metaball Table è un tavolo sperimentale. La modellazione solida è basata su un algoritmo di disegno generativo parametrico, che consente di generare conti …
  Metaball Table

Visit Microsoft to play on a giant piano, see your photo on an LED curtain and race for the best time on our slot car race track. We’re showing how Wi …

A name with an oriental taste for a wholly italian brand. Created by the imagination of the CEO and founder of the company, architect-designer Camilla Andreani, …
  X3 - Midorj "XY"

MikroElektronika is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. The company designs and manufac …
  G32 -

Modo Digital Design specialises in digital design at 360°, from graphics to product design, through cutting-edge digital fabrication and content creation for …

Gianluca Vicini
The Momely Project aims to rethink the cemetery concept by turning the present structures into gardens of remembrance. The objective of Momely is to tell and ha …
  P48 - Momely

Fab Lab Toscana
Our aim is to provide a cheap personal computer for kids, that also allows to take the first steps into electronics. This is why we're building Monkey PI, a mon …

Lime Devices
Motee is the motor controller based on H bridge. It's simplify building a robot and writing a code. Small, universal, comfortable in use and cheap. Motee is sol …

myCicero® is an application dedicated to public and private mobility, it is an excellent example of how technology can contribute to the improvement of every …

Franco Zullo
MyPersonalDresser is an Italian innovative sartorial concept who offers to the customers exclusive tailor made & eco-friendly products, characterized by: - Sup …
  N12 - MyPersonalDresser: Capi e Accessori eco-friendly in 100% fibra di legno

The National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is the Italian research agency devoted to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the laws tha …

Paper8 Sailing Team
OARS We like to underline how Paper8 is an excellent row boat, her light weight and flat bottom allow her to gently glide on the water. This trait, extremely ra …
  Z4 - Nautica sostenibile - Paper8: la barca pieghevole a propulsione ibrida



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  L7 - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Giovanni Melis, Renato Ruatti, Mauro Moia
We create aluminum guitars and basses. We accepted the challenge and won: the meeting between the National and the Telecaster. A love dream. Electronics, Metal, …
  V19 - Noahguitars

Nogs is a game-changing open source IoT platform. www.nogs.cc
  Y8 -

We are an ultra low-power Bluetooth Smart solutions company. We will be showing tools for makers to get up and running with Bluetooth Smart in the easiest and …

Filippo Anzivino, Matteo Sirianni
Project based on digital and traditional fabrication. A self-produced multilayer (made of various types of local wood) is laser cut into glasses frames and then …
  D11 - Ociaj

Medaarch - Mediterranean FabLab (coordinator: Amleto Picerno Ceraso, Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso. Structural engineer: Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso, Amedeo Di Marco. Design team: Giuseppe Luciano, Matteo Saturnino, Agostino Granato, Olga Vlagouli Thomas Duff Ban
know-house approach wants to merge the global digital fabrication knowledge to the specific issues of a local context, to find an architectural precise solution …